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Inspection systems to reduce waste and improve profitability


Unilux inspection systems help processing mills to reduce waste and maintain a reputation for the highest quality. Edge Tech remote coil edge inspection will be on display, as well as new LED stroboscopic surface inspection lights used by leading metal producers worldwide. 

Edge Tech shows trimmed edge quality in real time. Operators can use this information to adjust knife settings or quickly schedule knife replacement to minimize saw tooth, burrs or the need for re-trimming.  

New inspection strobes are better than ever for quickly identifying surface defects. LED2000 Series strobes improve safety, eliminate maintenance and reduce energy consumption. They feature Smart Assist controls to simplify setup and allow for advanced techniques like Cross Light Inspection to show twice as many surface defects at ful production speed. See Cross Light Inspection in action at https://strobe.unilux.com/cross/.

Brands: Edge-Tech remote coil edge inspection LED2000 Series surface inspection strobes Smart Assist graphic controls LED12 portable inspection strobe Miti-Light xenon portable inspection strobe Sentry xenon surface inspection system Centurion xenon surface inspection system HD-851 xenon surface inspection system


  • Surface Inspection Strobes
    It's easier than ever to see surface defects at full production speed using LED 2000 Series strobes equipped with Smart Assist™ - an interface that goes beyond codes and numeric readouts to breeze through setup and operation. Available only from Unilux....

  • For direct observation of defects at full production speed, stroboscopic inspection can’t be beat. After the work of selecting the proper strobes, setup and operation become the greatest hurdles to efficient operation. Smart Assist makes it easy to adjust settings so that an inspector can view fine detail in any high-speed process as if it’s standing still. 

    • On-screen help and instructions are provided for every setting, reducing the time needed to configure the system
    • Available in multiple languages to accommodate global operations
    • Control settings like intensity, frequency and duration with scientific precision
    • Simple dashboard screen shows all critical settings at a single glance
    • Full color display, high-contrast text and multi-function smart keys make it easy to move through the customization of each setting when needed
    • Easily access advanced configurations like Cross Light Inspection
  • Edge Tech Remote Coil Trim Inspection
    Edge Tech allows remote inspection of the strip edge immediately after trimming, allowing for early detection of defects and the elimination of re-trim....

  • Bad edge conditions on steel coils result in downgrading, scrapping or re-trimming that cost millions. With Edge Tech, strip edge quality, knife wear, improper knife gap/lap settings, and knife cracks can be seen, corrected and then checked to ensure that the problems have been eliminated.


    • Immediate viewing of the coil edge right after knife trim operation on both sides of the strip
    • Optimal cut-to-tear ratio defined for benchmarking
    • Knife and coil images captured in real time
    • Examination of the entire circumference of knife/knives
    • Adjustable knife position
    • Inspect edge detail in slow motion with pause, play and back-up capabilities
    • 8x magnification of the strip edge
    • On-screen measurement of anomalies for problem assessment
    • High resolution video capture and display
    • On-demand image storage feature


    • Gain immediate knowledge of edge trim from the safety of the pulpit
    • Quick recognition of trim flaws in real time
    • Take corrective action immediately
    • Eliminate poor quality edges
    • Avoid additional damage to coils
    • Avoid downgrading and secondary trimming
    • Provide consistent quality coils for greater customer satisfaction
    • Protect your reputation
    • Measure return-on-investment in number of coils rather than years
  • Cross Light Inspection
    Discover twice as many surface defects at full production speed....

  • To detect defects on steel strips, good lighting contrast has always been essential. Until recently, mills have had to choose between Bright Field or Dark Field illumination. LED technology for stroboscopic inspection now allows inspectors to gain the same technological advantages that previously were only available using cameras. The ability to synchronise multiple lights has led to the development of algorithms that, when paired with stroboscopic inspection light positioning, provides optimum visual inspection at far less cost than camera-based systems. Cross light inspection affords metal producers better inspection capability. Operators have greater insight to the quality of the steel they are producing to increase yield and reduce customer rejections.

    Read the white paper at https://unilux.com/cross-light-inspection-article

  • IP65-Rated Portable Inspection Strobe
    Confirm surface quality at full production speed, anywhere on the line with the popular LED Beacon. Now water- and dust-resistant, this powerful strobe can withstand the harshest operating conditions....

  • Bright, efficient LED technology provides crisp, clear detail when troubleshooting operations at any distance. Troubleshoot machine operations, and confirm quality of the final product easily with the industry's most powerful inspection strobe. The strobe is used to 'freeze' motion up to 15 feet (4.6 meters) away, allowing mill personnel to evaluate surface quality at full production speed.
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