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United States
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SIBRE ‘Sure to be Safe’ is more than a motto. Booth 2227


SIBRE is specialized in the design and manufacturing of reliable, long-lasting industrial brake systems. With innovative designs to be maintenance friendly, to remote condition monitoring, SIBRE can reduce maintenance costs while freeing up your maintenance team to be more available.                             
SIBRE has your solution.                                                                                                                                       

We offer mechanical drive components for heavy duty equipment, predominantly used in metals, mining and ports to better support the customer with their requirements.    Based on nearly 60 years’ experience and keeping to our honored slogan “sure to be safe” SIBRE has cemented a worldwide, reputation as a leading supplier.  

Brands: Models SHI, USB, TEXU, TE, TE-I, CB, Couplings, Barrel Couplings, Wheels, Sheaves, Hook Blocks, Buffers Bumpers TMS Industrial Cooling Systems


  • SIBRE Braking Systems
    SIBRE slogan ‘Sure to be Safe’ is more than a motto. The established, innovative braking systems of SIBRE is the final link of safety. 'Sure to be safe’ expresses an obligation, Provide the best possible braking solution, with maximum achievable safety....

  • The SHI Emergency stop brakes for heavy duty operation and coasting. Ideal for hoists on casting/hot metal cranes, large belt conveyor systems, cable cars, etc. Main Advantages: Fast Response for max safety, Suitable for a variety of disc thicknesses, No Tangential force on the piston, Low Maintenance and spares costs due to the unique design using 1 seal per cylinder, Fast and easy lining change and readjustment. Large variety of clamping forces ranging from 4.5 kN to 555 kN. 

    The disc brake type USB 3 is a completely new development and forms a combination of spring and weight applied brakes.  These brakes are designed considering the specific demands of crane-, lifting- and material handling applications and is the consequent result of the continuous research and development performed by SIBRE. 

    Combined with another improvement of the SIBRE lining wear compensator the advantages allow to consider this USB 3 type brakes as the first real almost maintenance-free disc brakes. The new brake system has been created in two sizes and thus provides a solution for different brake tasks.

    The brakes of the TEXU series are double operating disc brakes which work according to the precept of a conventionally drum brake. The braking force will be transmitted to the brake disc on two symmetrically points. Consequently, the tangential forces at the shaft are compensated.

    The specialty of this brake is the actuating of both calipers with 2 parallel mounted spring tubes in relation with only one concentrically mounted thruster.

    By closing the brake, the force of the springs will be evenly distributed by the linkage to both pairs of brake levers. Now the levers move identical towards the shaft and thereby the separate bearded caliper levers will be affected with wedges and rolls. Furthermore, the brake is equipped with a synchronization linkage, which ensures an evenly spaced out air gap at all 4 linings. The wear of the linings and the consequently increasing air gap will be compensated by our reliable automatic wear compensation.

    Disk Brake CB8 with electrohydraulic thruster EDC 100, solenoid or hydraulic cylinder available. With its maintenance friendly, compact design this robust compact brake is the SIBRE solution to the motor integrated brake.

    The TE series drum brakes have been developed using state of the art industrial brake technology according to DIN 15435 and are available to the AIST standard.

    This robust model was particularly designed for use in general engineering, metallurgy, crane and conveyor plants, for use both underground and above ground, as well as in wind turbine plants.  These brakes are for use whenever a constant brake torque is of utmost importance, not only for reasons of safety but also from a commercial standpoint.

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