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Welcome to Sarralle the leader in Industrial Engineering.


SARRALLE provides turnkey solutions to the Environment, Energy and Steel industry.  Sarralle's product lines include: New and Upgrades to Electric Arc Furnaces, Secondary Metallurgy Equipment (LFs, VDs and VODs), Continuous Casters (Billet, Bloom, Near Net Shape and Slab) for all grades of product, Rolling Mills, Coil Processing Lines, Fume Extraction Systems and Water Treatment Plant. Our professional staff services include: Metallurgical support, Electrical and Automation design, Operational assistance, Construction Engineering and Project Management. Our Sarralle owned fabrication workshops, allow us to control product quality and scheduling from the start to the end, assuring our customers receive a successful and on time project.

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 Press Releases

  • SARRALLE has been awarded two projects in France and Germany for the international APERAM Group consisting of the improvement and modernization of the plants dedicated to the transformation of stainless steel flat products.

    APERAM France

    The project for APERAM Isbergues (France) will allow the group to increase the capacity of its LC2I process line, virtually unique in the world in the treatment of hot-rolled stainless steel of continuous rolling, pickling and finishing of stainless steel. The installation processes continuously stainless steel, doing the pickling, rolling, normalizing, skin pass and flattened under tension, resulting in first quality coils ready for final sale.The start-up of this new line was carried out at the beginning of the current year and the work is the result of SARRALLE's engineering study to modernize the facilities of APERAM France.

    APERAM Germany

    The project for APERAM Haan (Germany) will allow this group to completely renovate its current facilities in Duisburg and transfer it to the new facilities located in Haan at 50 kilometres.

    This is a complex project in which SARRALLE will manufacture new machines for APERAM, improve and modernize the existing ones and also renew the cross-sectional line of the APERAM Duisburg plant. Precisely this line will be dismantled from its current location plant and transferred to the new location, with a total change in the distribution of material flow allowing a very important logistics improvement.

    The OCEVI cutting line is a stainless cutting line that manufactures sheet steel for multiple applications, such as the food industry, industrial processes, catering, elevators and stairs, and so on.

    SARRALLE considers these two projects strategic, given that it involves the expansion of its metal coil processing division in the European market.

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  • SARRALLE was awarded by Befesa; world leader in the recycling of waste for the steel and aluminium industry, for the construction of the new facilities in Turkey. The scope will consist on doubling the production capacity of the facility. The investment will amount to 25 million dollars.

    SARRALLE Group lands in the Turkish market with this important project, which will allow Befesa to consolidate its position as a leader in the global market in its sector of activity. SARRALLE will execute a turnkey project for BEFESA which includes the design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and start-up phase of the new facility.

    With the modernization of the plant, Befesa will process 110,000 tons of steelworks powder annually, compared to the 60,000 tons it currently treats. This increase will allow to valorise more amount of dust to obtain zinc and slag. Both materials will be reused in other sectors, becoming a source of renewable raw material, contributing to the environmental sustainability of the planet, allowing to close the production process in a sustainable way, reusing all the elements of the process.

    Zinc is used in the automotive, pharmaceutical or ceramic sectors, while the slag can be recycled in the cement industry or as an additive in bituminous products.

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  • The ArcelorMittal plant in Olaberria (Spain) has entrusted Sarralle with the complete modernization of its Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), which will increase the productivity and improve the efficiency of the fusion process. It is a turnkey project that includes the complete revamping of the furnace, the combustion chamber and foresees the implementation of the Sarralle Level II Automation technology for this process, based on predictive models. The start-up is scheduled for September and the furnace will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology developed entirely by Sarralle, improving the performance of the ArcelorMittal Olaberria (Spain) production process while increasing productivity by 30%.

    The renovation of the installation will adequate a significant reduction in the power off time, the time in maintenance shutdowns, the energy consumption and the electrode consumption. In addition, the post-combustion process will be improved, generating a more efficient fume treatment process and reducing the temperature of the steam at the outlet of the chamber by redesigning the installation through the use of advanced dynamic simulation tools of gases.

    The Sarralle Level II Automation technolgy bases its operation, among other parameters, on predictive models, real-time data collection and the updated cost of materials and energy. This allows first, the definition and then, the adjustment of the process dynamically and automatically, according to the best possible strategy. Further, the Sarralle Level II Automation makes it possible to achieve in a short time and consistently the maintenance of the optimal procedure of the process. It facilitates the use and decision making by the operator and allows to achieve immediate benefits in the performance and cost operative of the merger process.

  • Sarralle has been awarded with two projects from the company Megasa Group (dedicated to the production and distribution of long steel products), to renew the fume extraction system in the two plants that the company owns in Portugal, specifically in Lisbon (Seixal) and in Porto (Maia).

    The new eco-technology Bluesky-Plant® offered by Sarralle is a technological advance since, with the filtering of the fumes and with the injection of paricles of various metarials, it guarantees the restrictive limitation of the European Environmental Regulations.

    The aim of both systems of aspiration is to improve the extraction of fumes from both plants throughout the manufacturing process, which in practice will prevent the accumulation of exhaust in the facilities, improving the air quality and the health of the employees and minimizing emissions to the exterior contributing to the conservation of a cleaner atmosphere.

    These are important projects developed with an eco-efficient management of the production processes, which means not only reducing the volume and pollution of the waste generated, but also increasing the competitiveness of our customers. Sarralle contributes to the sustainable economy by offering eco-friendly engineering solutions with the recovery of steel dust among others.

    Turnkey projects

    The fume extraction system Bluesky-Plant® from the plant in Seixal (Lisbon) is the one with greater scope. The installation was designed to be adaptable to future extensions of productivity, including a larger extraction capacity. The works will be completed in December 2019, month in which the new equipment will start up. On the other hand, the installacion and commissioning of the equipment at the Maia plant (Oporto) is scheduled for the summer of 2019. Sarrall will execute both turnkey projects, including engineering, manufacturing and assembly work and start-up.

    The project will be equipped with the ATEX certificate for explosive atmospheres, which guarantees the equipment, environment and systems of protection of the site are suitable to work in explosive atmospheres, providing greater safety to the workers of the plant.

    Sarralle’s relationship with Megasa Group began 13 years ago and since then, Sarralle has undertaken multiple projects for Megasa in plants in Portugal and Spain (Galicia). Sarralle is a clearly exporting company and exports around 80% of its turnover. Europe is its main market and the mentioned projects aggregate a considerable opportunity for the consolidation in the geographic framework in the steel industry with new environmental engineering solutions.

    In recent years Sarralle has accomplished several projects in the area of ​​fume extraction system, applying its new eco-technology Bluesky-Plant®.

    Bluesky-Plant® is decisively contributing to the adaptation that many mills are undertaking to comply with the new environmental regulations, through new investments. These include the Winoa steel project in France, the one exceuted for Nervacero (Celsa Group) in Spain, or the one for OCL Iron and Steel in India.


  • Coil Processing Lines
    SARRALLE has extensive experience in the engineering design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of coil processing lines in different metals into a complete range including thickness, weight and width....

  • SARRALLE has extensive experience in the engineering design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of coil processing lines. Our lines are able to process the largest coils in different metals (aluminum, stainless, tinplate, carbon steel…) into a complete range including thickness (high-thick coils), weight and width.

    Our expert technicians, specialized in hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics, carry out the engineering, installation and commissioning of the lines. As an important part of the commissioning, they also carry out the complete training of the Client in order to guarantee an efficient and profitable operation. The technical support given to our clients is completed with a permanent Technical Assistance Service.

    SARRALLE has its own production facilities for mechanical and electrical assembly and going through the complete supply chain.

    SARRALLE is able to provide turnkey project assuring complete success in Slitting Lines, Cut to Length Lines, Roll Forming Punching Lines, Continuous Sandwich Panel Lines, Automatic Coil and Slit Packaging Lines, Welded Tube / Profile Mills...

    For more information about SARRALLE COIL PROCESSING LINES visit our website

  • Water Treatment Plant
    At SARRALLE we offer innovative engineering and construction solutions for water treatment plants. We improve the quality of the water for the industrial water supply, drinking, irrigation......

  • At SARRALLE we offer innovative engineering and construction solutions for water treatment plants. We improve the quality of water for the industrial water supply, drinking, irrigation, etc.

    Water treatment removes contaminants and undesirable components or reduces their concentration so that the water becomes fit for its desired end-user.

    Our Engineering & Construction Services agreement and cooperation with technological companies, such as; INCIVE in Spain, offer you:

    • Industrial Water Treatment plants: industrial water cooling and cleaning treatment.
    • Urban Water Treatment plants: pre and post urban water treatment, storage system ( tanks and pump station ), water supply and drainage system.

    For more information about SARRALLE WATER TREATMENT PLANT visit our website

  • Sarralle Melting Plant - EAF, LF, V(O)D, Casting
    SARRALLE designs and supplies CUSTOMIZED metallurgical plant equipment including process technology for steelmaking, secondary metallurgy and continuous casting tailored machines with integrated solutions for complete turnkey projects....

  • SARRALLE designs and produces a complete range of AC and DC Furnaces from 6 to 300 metric tons for various charge mixes (scrap, HBI, Cold DRI / Hot DRI and Hot Metal), based on our own engineering and including all the key components. The Special Desing of all water-cooled elements with a specially pipe desing and optimized flow patterns lead to a reduction of 25% of required water flow versus competitor's designs.

    For more information about SARRALLE EAF visit our website

    SARRALLE supplies complete set of LF including the Roof, Electrode Regulation System (Sarcon), Injection technology, Automatic sampling & Temperature lances...

    For more information about SARRALLE LF visit our website

    SARRALLE VD-VOD units can be engineered to operate with steam injectors or dry mechanical vacuum pumps to achieve deep vacuum with lowest energy consumption in shortest pump down time. Whereas, steam ejector vacuum pumps offers a simple, almost maintenance-free solution with high suction capacity and a minimal investment cost, dry mechanical vacuum pumps are characterized by instantaneous "vacuum on demand" with extremely low operating costs and elimination of water contamination. Special foaming-slag control enables minimization of ladle slag overflow and pump-down time.

    For more information about SARRALLE VD-VOD visit our website

    SARRALLE CONTINUOUS CASTING MACHINES guarantees safety, quality of the final product and reliability of the equipment offered to our Customers. SARRALLE Continuous Casting Machines are designed for a wide range of section sizes, operational flexibility and steel grades including:

    • Billet - Round - Bloom - Beam Blank - Slab
    • Open and submerged tundish to mold casting operation
    • Standard strctural and SBQ steel grades

    For more information about SARRALLE CONTINUOUS CASTING MACHINE visit our website

  • Rolling Mill
    SARRALLE is a driver for hot rolling long product mills technology thanks to its experience and attitude to fulfil the requirements of the most demanding Customers worldwide....

  • SARRALLE is a driver for hot rolling long product mills technology thanks to its experience and attitude to fulfil the requirements of the most demanding Customers worldwide. Nowadays, the demand for flexible and economical production of long products can be achieved by innovative production process, electrical and automation new solutions and, as a consequence, many years of research and development mainly dedicated to process modeling and faster and higher performance control system. SARRALLE designs all of our devices in 3D Software tools, taking into consideration the most appropiate material and thermal treatment in order to provide devices able to work for life. Furthermore, to reduce the erection and commissioning period we make a pre-shipment running test.

    For mor information about SARRALLE ROLLING MILL visit our website

  • Fumes Exhaust System
    SARRALLE Fumes Exhaust Systems exceeds the most resctrictive environmental regulations and enhances the social responsibility. Our Customers are leading to an increasing demand for investments in dedusting and pollution control technologies....

  • SARRALLE FES offers customized solutions for each step of the process with satisfactory results in attaining the most stringent parameters in terms of both emissions control and operational costs. Each component has its own design, such as; the special arrangement of the fourth hole elbow water circuit with an optimized life cycle.

    Residence time in the canopy due to superior geometry selection enables a lower amount of mg/Nm3 on the operating floor, which leads to an improvement in the safety for every operation. Filtration parameters allow an optimal life cycle of the sleeves, as well as the selection of the optimized number of compartments automatically maintaining at least one offline compartment. Optimized bags lenght of up to 10 meters permits a compact design of the Filtration Unit.

    For more information about SARRALLE FES visit our website

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