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Russula is a global engineering company serving the largest steel producers in more than 35 countries. With its headquarters and workshop located in A Coruña, Spain, the company has major offices in Brazil, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Sturbridge, MA and Dublin, OH. Russula has implemented 191 electrical and mechanical upgrades and greenfield water treatment plants in the United States and Canada.

Russula collaborates with steel producers to help them become high-performance businesses by developing innovative technology for meltshops, bar, wire rod and section mills, flat mills and water treatment plants. Our strategy builds on our technical expertise to develop engineering solutions to help steel producers around the world increase productivity and improve operational efficiencies.

Brands: MILL PULSE: A user-friendly, mobile, flexible, goal-oriented, integrated and customizable Manufacturing Execution System. LAYING HEAD TECHNOLOGY: Our patented laying head design solves real-world performance problems, reducing maintenance downtime, noise and power consumption.


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 Press Releases

  • Celsa Atlantic chose Russula to perform a mechanical upgrade that allows the plant to roll 180 mm size billets on both the bar and wire rod mills. The objective of the upgrade was to achieve greater flexibility and a higher tonnage output per billet. Included within the mechanical scope of supply were two roughing mill RCS stands, by-pass roller tables, pinch rolls, toggle shear and looper.

    The two RCS stands were installed after the reheat furnace of the bar mill along with a bypass roller table to replace the stands when they are not required by the production schedule. High rigidity, simplicity and reliability are the features of Russula’s housingless mill stands. Once a stand is installed, the only connection required is the air-oil connection; operations and maintenance procedures have been simplified to the fullest.

    Russula is supplying an interconnecting trough to connect the two mills. The trough is movable and is designed to reduce the switching time. Two guiding pinch rolls, a horizontal looper table, toggle shear, electrical and pneumatic systems are all included within the trough scope of supply. The ability to roll 180 mm square billets on both mills provides Celsa Atlantic not only with higher flexibility but also cost savings.

    The rolling mill stands and accompanying equipment for the interconnection were manufactured and assembled in reputable workshops throughout Europe. Close proximity to the Russula headquarters allowed the engineers to perform frequent quality checks. Strict controls in the manufacturing process together with premium materials is why Russula rolling stands are built to last.

    The equipment was installed during planned shutdowns in September and October, 2018. The commissioning occurred as scheduled on November 18, 2018.

    As Russula celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, it is time to reflect on how it all began. Twenty-nine years ago, Celsa was Russula’s very first customer, a long-lasting partnership that has spanned many projects and many countries. With gratitude and appreciation, Russula would like to thank Celsa for their continued trust and confidence to undertake this mechanical revamp.

    CELSA Group™ is the second largest manufacturer of long steel products in Europe, being the most diversified and vertically integrated. With industrial operations in Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom, CELSA Group™ produces steel exclusively in electric arc furnaces, using recycled metal scrap as raw material, contributing significantly to the preservation of the environment.

  • Located in Texas, Gerdau Midlothian ordered a new loop former table for its mill which produces reinforcing bar #3 up to #11, and plain rounds 5/8” up to 3 1/4”.  Russula supplied the engineering, mechanical equipment, installation supervision and commissioning support. The new looper was installed between stands # 16 and # 17 in the finishing end of the 340,000 tpy bar mill. 

    The purpose of the mechanical upgrade was to replace a looper table that was installed when the mill was originally built in 1975 with a new, modern uplooper. Since the existing looper table was larger than contemporary designs and lacked critical features, Russula provided a customized design uplooper with a rollerized trough, base and adjustable exit guide to fill in the space between the stands.

    Keep the oil in and the water out

    Many mills today roll with suboptimal loop formations because they are unable to quickly and easily adjust the height of the eccentric and persuader rolls. The combination of heat, scale, water, and oxidation formation often cause the common screw adjustment of the hold-down rolls to seize and the only way to change the position is to attempt to clean the screw, or simply replace it. Conventional persuader stops typically are adjusted by a bolt and lock nut which have a similar problem in becoming frozen in place by contamination and can happen as early as weeks after the installation. 

    Considering Gerdau Midlothian rolls a wide range of sections from 13-38mm, easy adjustment of the looper roll positions was an essential requirement in the design of the uplooper. Russula eliminated the seizing issues caused from exposure to the steel rolling environment by designing a fully sealed eccentric shaft assembly for reliable and simple floor and hold-down roll adjustments. In addition, the persuader arm roll assembly utilizes common components with the eccentric assemblies while the roll height adjustment is performed effortlessly with a newly designed, fully sealed, adjustable persuader travel stop assembly.

    Change out the cartridge assembly in minutes

    The eccentric roll assemblies can be changed out in a matter of minutes. Undo six bolts, replace with a spare cartridge and the mill can return to production immediately. The positioning of the eccentric rolls is adjusted from the operator’s side of the uplooper. Seven numbered positions provide visual clues of the roll positions and the operators can easily recognize a change in height adjustment, eliminating a source of human error that can happen if the roll setup is adjusted incorrectly between shifts and product size changes.

    Interchangeable spare parts

    The assemblies of the persuader arm and eccentric rolls are identical. Internal components such as bearings, seals and shafts are the same, reducing the quantity of spare parts that maintenance needs to keep in stock. Interchangeable parts reduce spare parts stock without having to compromise asset availability.

    Tension free rolling

    The actual value of the loop height is measured by a photoelectric scanner near the apex of the loop height, which falls between a range of 150-200 mm.  This value is compared with a set-point and the difference is used to correct the speed of the upstream stand in relation to the downstream stand to achieve the desired loop height for tension free rolling. 

    Successfully operating since January 2018

    The new uplooper was successfully commissioned in January, 2018 by the Gerdau Midlothian and Russula team. The uplooper was designed taking into consideration future replacement of the other two loop former tables which were installed when the Midlothian mill was built.  This new uplooper will be interchangeable with the future ones providing Gerdau greater flexibility and spare parts optimization.

  • Nucor Steel Marion has awarded Russula two separate purchase orders. In April 2017, the first order was received for the complete bar mill automation and electrics supply. Less than a year later in March 2018, Russula received a second order from Nucor Marion for a water treatment plant. Both orders are part of the $85 million mill expansion project to update the bar mill technology in Marion, OH. The mill currently produces over 400,000 tpy and is Ohio’s largest producers of rebar and signposts.

    The  mill  expansion  project consists of a combination of new equipment and the reutilization of existing equipment. The sixteen stand continuous mill will re-utilize the existing cooling bed, cold shear, bundling and tying area while the 120 tph walking beam reheat furnace, stands, three shears and water treatment plant are all new equipment installations. The modernized bar mill will feature the latest in advanced control techniques and controller hardware that meet the rigorous requirements of today’s steel plants.  

    Bar mill automation & electrics

    Russula will supply the comprehensive automation and electric systems from the furnace exit to the bundling area and all the equipment in between for the 16 stand continuous bar mill. In addition, the scope of supply includes the interface to the reheat furnace, billet handling equipment and water systems. The new rolling mill control system is based on the latest generation of ControlLogix controllers. These controllers are ideal to meet the performance, safety and capacity requirements of the smart factory.

    Russula automation and electrics scope of supply:
    •  Power transformers for mill equipment
    •  Mill AC multidrives 
    •  Motor Control Centers for mill area
    •  Motor protection panels 
    •  Mill main AC motors 
    •  ControlLogix controllers
    •  Wonderware HMI system
    •  Rolling mill software engineering  
    •  New reheat furnace interface 
    •  New water systems automation interface 
    •  Billet handling equipment interface 
    •  Cooling bed exit and cold shear software engineering 
    •  Factory Acceptance Test 
    •  Installation supervision 
    •  Commissioning  
    •  On-site production support 
    •  Training 
    •  Remote support

    Water treatment plant

    Last March, Russula received a second order from Nucor Steel Marion to supply a water treatment plant for the contact water circuit of the bar mill which has a flowrate of 2,800 gpm (636 m3/h). Tapping into Russula’s broad range of experience and expertise in supplying water solutions specifically to the steel industry, the Nucor Marion water treatment plant will focus on the performance, sustainability, and environmental quality standards.

    Included in the scope of supply is the initial water solution concept, detailed electrical and mechanical engineering, the electrical and mechanical equipment supply, installation supervision, on-site production and startup support. 

    Russula water treatment plant electrical, mechanical, and services scope of supply:
    •  Detailed electrical engineering 
    •  Electrical and automation equipment
    •  Detailed mechanical engineering
    •  Counterwash and contact water pumps  
    •  Thickener tank
    •  Oil skimmers
    •  Agitators
    •  Installation supervision 
    •  Commissioning  
    •  On-site production support

    Equipment delivery & startup

    Russula is scheduled to deliver the bar mill electrical and control equipment this summer and the water treatment plant electrical and mechanical equipment in October of 2018. The start-up of the modernized mill is expected to take place at the end of this year.

    Russula & Nucor

    In the last year, Russula has successfully completed five automation projects of similar size for other Nucor plants in Kankakee, Darlington, Kingman, Utah and Nebraska. This order marks the tenth water treatment plant sold by Russula in the past five years, three of which are currently in operation in the United States.

  • Russula was contracted to deliver the complete automation and drive system upgrade for Nucor Steel Utah’s bar mill #2, located in Plymouth, Utah, the third and last phase of a multiphase upgrade project. The objective of the multi-phase upgrade was to update obsolete automation and drive systems.

    Phase 3: Rolling mill #2 upgrade 

    Phase 3 included the upgrade of the mill entry area, 18 stands, 3 shears,  cooling bed and the interface with the existing reheat furnace. Whenever possible existing drives and control systems were reused and integrated into the new rolling mill control system.

    The mill started up in March 2018 after a comprehensive automation and drives upgrade 

    What sets Russula apart

    One aspect that sets Russula apart from other suppliers is that the commissioning team is formed by the same engineers who do the design, programming and Factory Acceptance Test of the project. This provides continuity and fluid communication throughout the entire project. Since the startup team is involved in all stages of the project, the customer knows who to call at all times and receives immediate feedback.

    Startup March 2018

    Nucor Steel Utah’s bar mill number 2 was successfully commissioned and entered into production during the second week of March, 2018.  The Russula commissioning team remained on-site after the startup to ensure the mill quickly returned to normal operations. 

  • The finishing block upgrade, Phase 3 of the multi-phase upgrade was successfully completed at the end of last year. The multi-phase revamp approach permitted Evraz (Rocky Mountain Steel), located in Pueblo, CO, USA to upgrade obsolete control equipment at the plant’s convenience and minimize mill downtime to reduce the impact on production. The upgrade of the mill, rod mill outlet and finishing block occurred over the course of two years.

    Multi-phase automation upgrade

    Phase                                                                                                                Startup Date

    1. Roughing, intermediate., finishing & break down mill                         November 2015
    2. Rod mill outlet                                                                                            November 2016
    3. Finishing block                                                                                            December 2017

    Russula was responsible for installation supervision, commissioning, on-site operator/maintenance training and provided both on-site and off-site remote support after the start-up to guarantee a smooth transition back to production.

    Since Russula is an independent systems integrator,  Evraz was offered two drive alternatives from different suppliers. The 6.8 MW ABB Mega Drive-LCI was chosen. It is a robust medium voltage drive used for high power applications ideal for the finishing block.

    Start-up December 2017

    During an 11-day maintenance outage, the new drive was installed and commissioned. The finishing block successfully returned to operations on December 8, 2017.  

    Russula supplies a full range of automation solutions from instrumentation and control systems through advanced drive technology and tailor-made control solutions for greenfield projects and revamps counting on thirty years of unparalleled experience in the steel industry. 


  • Rolling Mills
    Designed by a multidisciplinary team with years’ experience on the mill floor, our rolling mill equipment is easy to maintain, reduces downtime and is built to last....

  • The union between automation, process technology and mechanical equipment is at the heart of Russula’s solutions for long product rolling mills. With the successful implementation of engineering projects in over 100 bar, wire rod and section mill instalations around the world, Russula has the know-how and expertise to improve your rolling mill performance.
  • Roll Pass & Operations
    The perfect fusion of art and technology that ensures flexibility, stability and quality in your rolling mill....

  • Russula has a unique approach to successfully improving mill efficiency, which is based on customer collaboration. Multi-disciplinary teams are formed to ensure a 360 degree view of the mill problems from the process, mechanical and electrical points of view. Russula will pull together the right mix of technical specialists to jointly develop an action plan to solve your mill inefficiencies.
  • Water Solutions
    Our water technologies help steel producers meet environmental regulations and reduce costs....

  • Often times, water treatment plants can be an overlooked part of the steel process, but you can’t roll without water. Russula has developed its own proprietary water treatment solutions specifically designed for the steel industry to fulfill the modern day requirements of high speed rolling, frequent changeovers and the highest product quality.
  • Automation & Drives
    Fine-tuned rolling mill control solutions to improve process stability, minimize downtime and maintain a consistently high quality product....

  • Unique process know-how and the latest technology advancements applied to your rolling mills.
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