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HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION is the North American subsidiary of the German company DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, and the regional representation for the brand LEINE LINDE. This brand is known for offering high quality, heavy-duty encoders of both the incremental and absolute type that are designed to cope with the harshest of environments.  Additionally LEINE LINDE products are capable of being equipped with state of the art condition monitoring, with easy integration into any Industry 4.0 system. This Advanced Diagnostic System (ADS) provides key environmental data, like temperature, vibration and frequency, and can be accessed wirelessly via Bluetooth to facilitate easy maintenance check ups.



  • MRI 2850
    Bearingless encoder model MRI 2850 is built to enhance high-horsepower electric motor performance in the toughest of environments. Mounted directly on the main shaft of the standard 8,5” C-Face motors, the encoder provides resolutions of 1–16383 ppr....

  • The MRI 2850 supplies precision velocity feedback with a virtually unlimited service life. This encoder is built to enhance motor performance in the true heavy-duty operations in the toughest of environments. Avoid downtime by using the MRI 2850 encoder from Leine & Linde for high-horsepower electric motors. Mounted directly on the main shaft of the standard 8,5” C-Face motors, the encoder provides resolutions of 1–16383 ppr. Compact, rugged, compatible with the base in the well-proven technology of Leine & Linde’s bearingless 2000 series, the robust electronics of this model include advanced sensing technology to assure stable speed measurement without ripple of ghost pulses. Two LEDs on the sensor head confirm power and scanning quality for easy control. The sturdy enclosure in lightweight, anodized aluminum covers all parts of the encoder. Without ball bearings or other contact surfaces, it is immune to mechanical wear. Easy to fit or retrofit the encoder fits directly on 1”–4” shafts (or 25 mm – 100 mm) without the need for a stub shaft. There is a fixed distance between the pulse wheel and the sensor head, which also means easy mounting.

  • ADS Uptime
    ADS Uptime™ enables monitoring of the most critical data from rotary encoders. Data gathered enables adjustments of factors that otherwise would reduce lifetime of the machine. This system is also available for wireless service check-up via Bluetooth....

  • Encoders with built-in ADS Uptime™ will enable monitoring of the most relevant data from rotary installations and motors. Data from the encoder enables adjustments of factors that otherwise would reduce lifetime of the machine as a whole. When all the motor installations are correct, problems will be avoided, and production downtime is significantly reduced. 

    • Get detailed data for status, frequency, time in motion, and more!
    • Vibration is measured in both radial and axial directions for unsurpassed control.
    • Set alarms for the values of your choice.

    What does a stop in production cost? Today, you can receive early warnings before any serious fault in the production line occurs, thanks to encoder diagnostics. One single prevented production stop could pay back the cost of all the ADS encoders at the plant. 

    ADS Uptime™ is also now available for wireless service check-up via Bluetooth. The wireless service check-up will facilitate maintenance, but also drive system management, production planning and operation. Perform the service check-ups on the go, via the app in a mobile device.

  • RLA 4000
    Unlike other encoder solutions for roll gap regulation, the new Linear 4000 series does not need to be installed inside a cylinder. These robust linear encoders are easily accessible for installation and service and they provide absolute position values....

  • The Linear 4000 series’ encoders are a robust absolute inductive scanning product made suitable for heavy duty industrial processes where accuracy is a prerequisite and tough operating conditions are commonplace. The rolling stands in a steel or aluminum millwork, with high temperatures, aggressive chemicals, shocks and vibrations. The gap control has to be extremely reliable and accurate, to assure both the quality of the end product and the lowest possible material consumption. The 4000 series features an encapsulated inductive absolute linear encoder designed to withstand all challenges provided by this application. One of the benefits of this model is that it does not need to be mounted inside a cylinder. It is mounted directly on the hydraulic cylinder of the rolling stand, which makes it easily accessible, for both installation and service. Its construction, with a separate air channel for the bellows, eliminates the need for air compression or filtering.

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