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FibreCast provides unique solutions for ‘hot’ problems.


FibreCast is a leader in vacuum-formed products, polycrystalline fiber, ceramic fiber, modules,textiles, ropes, high temperature die cut gasket/strips and precast refractory.  As a manufacturer and distributor of refractory we have the ability to custom design solutions to meet specific application requirements in the steel industry.  Our proprietary tooling and mold design allows us to turn around new vacuum formed shapes in 1-2 weeks, from drawing board to prototype.

Brands: FC-Steelboard, FC-Injectite, FC-2300 Boards and Shapes, FC-2600 Boards and Shapes, FC-3000 Boards, FC-1600 Polycrystalline Blanket


Steelboard Installation


  • FC Steelboard
    FibreCast Steelboard is an ultra high strength insulating board that provides superior crushing strength (keeping the refractory system stable) and insulating properties (allowing for low shell temperatures, and less heat loss)....

  • FibreCast Steelboard is an ultra high strength insulating board that provides superior crushing strength and insulating properties compared to traditional board products.Decrease installation time with FC Steelboard 16"x28" panels. A 300MT ladle can be lined in ~2 hours (boarding time).

    Steelboard Benefits:

    • Fast Installation with Steelboard Panels
    • Improved Refractory System Integrity/Life
    • Low Heat Loss
    • Increased Ladle Volume
    • Lower Energy Consumption
    • Prolonged Steel Shell Life
    • Less Steel Penetration
    • Tighter Brick Joints

    Typical Applications

    • Ladle
    • Torpedo Ladle
    • BF Runners
    • Rotary Kiln
    • Tundish
    • Troughs
    • EAF
    • BOF

  • FC 1600 PC Blanket, Modules and Shapes
    High Temperature (1600C / 3000F) Blanket available in Roll form, Fabricated into Modules or Die Cut for custom shapes, such as Reheat Furnace Posts...

  • The polycrystalline alumina blanket provides a solution to 3000°F (1600°C). These materials have low shrinkage, high tensile strengths resulting in excellent workability and durability characteristics.

    FC 1600 PC Modules are made custom to order, with or without hardware.  Made in a Monster Module configuration eliminates joints and improves installion time.

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