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LumaSense Technologies is a global leader in providing temperature and gas sensing solutions to industrial, energy, medical and clean technology markets. We design and manufacture sensors for end-user and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. LumaSense has proven expertise in developing state-of-the-art infrared and fiber-optic temperature sensors, radiometric thermal imagers and gas analyzers.


  • FurnaceSpection
    Designed and developed for continuous temperature measurement inside high temperature furnaces in refining, metals and glass production and provides users a critical tool for improving process and reducing waste....

  • This thermal imaging system is designed and developed for continuous temperature measurement inside high temperature furnaces in refining, metals, and glass production. FurnaceSpection’s proven technology provides critical insight for failure prevention and asset management.

    The FurnaceSpection™ imager provides users with a real-time tool for quickly and accurately identifying process abnormalities before they develop into problems that can lead to unplanned outages. This radiometrically calibrated imager accurately measures the temperature of product, refractory, and heat transfer surfaces inside natural gas fired furnaces. In addition to both standard (SD) and mobile (MB) versions, we can customize a solution to meet your application needs.

    For petrochemical reformers, this is a critical tool to ensure tubes perform optimally for their longest possible life cycle. At a cost of several thousands of dollars per tube and a re-tubing costs in the millions, a significant amount of capital can be lost if tube failure goes unnoticed or tubes are retired too early or too late.

    In metal annealing applications, FurnaceSpection™ cameras have allowed users to reduce cycle times while at the same time improving quality and process repeatability.

    FurnaceSpection™ helps operators monitor and control process temperature uniformity through streaming images and powerful software for analysis and historical trending. Digital and Analog outputs are available to broadcast images of the plant’s local network.

    LumaSense has been developing industrial grade thermal imaging solutions for over 20 years, and have deployed custom systems around the globe to monitor critical processes and assets in power generation, refineries, steel, paper, and glass plants. Our products are supported by experienced field service and application engineering team.

  • IMPAC Pyrometer IS 8 PRO
    Portable digital pyrometers for non-contact temperature measurement between 600 and 2500 °C....

  • The series 8 pyrometers are high-quality, battery driven portables for non-contact temperature measurement.

    The pro series is a revision of the 15 years proven plus series. The instruments feature fully digital signal processing, resulting in wider temperature ranges as well as higher accuracy. With the additional integrated graphic display the measuring results can be shown and analyzed directly on site.

    The aluminum die-cast housing is specially designed for the daily use under rough industrial conditions. The easy focusable precision optics provides small spot sizes for measuring distances between 500 mm and ∞. The bright, optimized view finder with exact spot indication and built-in temperature display facilitates the accurate aiming on the object. Moreover, the large measurement data storage offers the best possibility for subsequent interpretation of the measured values.

    The extremely short response time of 1 ms allows exact measurements of fast moving objects and a very quickly detection of temperature differences. The maximum temperature can be stored in the built-in peak picker (maximum value storage).

    For high temperatures the IS 8 pro is available in two temperature ranges between 600 and 2500 °C, for the medium temperatures the IGA 8 pro with a range from 250 to 1600 °C. The IS 8-GS pro is a special version for use in foundries.

    The instruments are mainly used in the steel- glass-, forging industry and in foundries.

    Typical Applications for Metals:

    • preheating, tempering, hardening, normalizing
    • forging, brazing
    • sintering
    • melting
    • welding, rolling
    • founding

    Typical Applications for Glass:

    • molten glass
    • glass gob
    • glass molds
  • IMPAC Pyrometer IGA 15 plus
    Affordable, high temperature short wavelength pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement of metals between 250 and 1800 °C....

  • The IGA 15 plus is a robust, digital and accurate pyrometer with built-in data logger (750 values) for non-contact temperature measurement on metals, ceramics, graphite etc. with a temperature range of 250 ... 1800 °C. The instrument is equipped with a laser targeting light, The size of the laser spot has approximately the size of the measuring spot. The instrument has a maximum value storage, minimum value storage, average and difference function as well as an acoustic alarm. The high quality optics enables the measurement of small objects from 4 mm, in combination with the close-up lens even from 1.25 mm. With the short exposure time of only 20 ms even fast moving objects can be measured exactly. Typical Applications: preheating, tempering, hardening, normalizing forging, brazing sintering welding, rolling founding
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