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F.LLI RAZETO & CASARETO  S.P.A. designs and makes marine locks and doors’ accessories in Italy since 1920. OSSH©, is a Safety Luminous  Handles  integrated system  for fire doors ,which  light up  in critical conditions to safeguard the safety of passengers, guests and employees.During a fire handles automatically  light up green on the side of the fire to allow panicking people to identify the best escape routes and red on the outside to prevent the door being opened. The system is being certified by Rina to obtain theTechnology Qualification Certificate. Launching now also a new line of door handles  featuring ESI antimicrobial system, a metal cluster complex that emits silver ions (Ag+) and other metal ions, which  excites  a continuous antimicrobial action. The  effectiveness against  Corona Virus has  been found  with laboratory tests and certified by University of Modena e Reggio , Italy. Esi is actually a diffusion treatment and is therefore permanent, Anti microbial  handles  cannot be contaminated.  The compliance with Rina's additional note of Classe Biosafety Ship with reference to  surfaces with high utilization, is underway.

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