CR Ocean Engineering

Parsippany,  NJ 
United States
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With roots based on CR's more than 105 continuous years in business, CR Ocean Engineering (CROE) is one of the most respected and experienced scrubber companies in the world. CROE’s exclusive focus on the shipping industry’s environmental  issues makes it a leader in the field.  CROE provides solutions for many of the shipping industry’s regulatory requirements.  For reduction of Sulfur Dioxide (SOx) emissions, CROE sells Open-Loop, Closed-Loop and Hybrid scrubbers.  For reduction of Fine Particulate (PM<2.5) and Black Carbon emissions, CROE sells the state-of-the-art WES technology.  For reduction of CO2 emissions, CROE has partnered with IONADA to commercialize their patented CO2 capture & sequestration technology.  CROE's more than 155 systems are installed on Bulk Carriers, Tankers, RoRo, Ro-Pax, Cruise Ship, Containerships, Ferries and others. For more information contact Dominique Philibert at or Nick Confuorto at



  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning System - Scrubbers
    CR OCEAN ENGINEERING Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems. The CROE Scrubbers are all alloy construction, do not require a bypass and can be “In-line” or “Side Entry”, “Single-Stream” or “Multi-Stream”, “Open Loop”, “Closed Loop” or “Hybrid”.

  • The CR Ocean Engineering scrubbers have:

     •           bottom entry, U-Tube entry or side entry designs to allow a direct up-flow configuration and simplify engine exhaust gas duct routing for any type of vessel.

    •            All CROE designs can operate with or without bypass.

    •            Strategically configured exhaust gas inlet and scrubber drainage to eliminate any potential water backflow to the engine.

    •            Eliminated circulation water storage from bottom of scrubber vessel to a separate tank at a lower elevation to reduce weight at the higher elevations, improving stability.

    •            Metallic construction (external and internal) to extend the life of the system and allow the exhaust gas to travel through the scrubber system even in dry conditions and without a bypass.

    •            Used proprietary internals designed specifically to increase contact area with lower liquid flows to save on typical pumping costs associated with some scrubber designs.

    •            Proprietary Caustic-AssistTM feature for Open-Loop Assist operating in low-alkalinity areas.

    Low CO2 footprint