The Norwegian Maritime Authority

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The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) - teaming up with the industry to attract cruise to Norway

Mr. Knut Arild Hareide, Director General of Shipping and Navigation, is clear: more cruise ships should be registered under the Norwegian flag.
At a time with many initiatives directly affecting the cruise industry, the NMA  has great appreciation for the industry’s concerns.
His organization works closely with the shipowners to find good solutions benefitting all. The maritime cluster in Norway profits greatly from this industry. Having cruise ships under our flag creates occupation for shipyards, suppliers, hotels, and growth for business communities along our coastline. Cruise ships under the Norwegian flag also ensures that the NMA maintains its competence with this ship type. Thanks to the Norwegian grant scheme for employment of seafarers, cruise ships registered in Norway gives many young cadets the opportunity to start their careers on these ships, sailing across the world.
For the NMA as a complete maritime administration, it is crucial that the Norwegian flag is the flag of choice also for cruise owners.


Brands: The NMA strives to be the preferred maritime administration with focus on a high level of safety, a cleaner environment, and professionalism. The NMA administers the Norwegian Ship Registers NIS/NOR.