Port of Santander

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Santander is the capital of a region called Cantabria, situated in the middle of Northern Spain. Heart of "Green Spain" it has the advantage of offering many different excursions in a relarively small area: it is possible to prepare may interesting visits at about half an hour from the Passenger Terminal situated in the city center.

From 2023 the ferry traffic moved South and the Passenger Terminal in the city center is now only for cruise traffic.

The Port of Santander is a well-sheltered port protected by a natural bay.

Santander benefits from modern highway and railway facilities, and an International Airport just 2.5 miles from the city.


  • Santander Cruise Terminal
    Since 2023 the Santander Passenger Terminal is now only for Cruise traffic!!...

  • The Ferry traffic has now moved to a new and specific Terminal (with LNG supply) and the City Center Passenger terminal is now dedicated to Cruise traffic.