Kadmos GmbH

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Kadmos is an end-to-end salary payments platform that powers secure payments to employees across the globe.

With Kadmos you can pay your employees immediately and save $$$ on transaction costs and FX.

Our mission is to restore financial freedom to cross-border employees, especially seafarers. We believe that being paid internationally should be as easy as being paid domestically.


  • Kadmos Salary Payment System
    Increase seafarer happiness with our innovative payment system:
    Automate and digitalize your entire slary payment process & dramatically reduce administrative costs....

  • Increase seafarers’ happiness and well-being through our innovative payment system.

    Kadmos allows shipping companies to automate and digitalize their entire slary payment process:

    • dramatically reduce administrative costs,
    • avoid fees associated with Cash-To-Master

    Kadmos is API-first, which means it provides hassle-free onboarding led by a team of technical experts.


    Your seafarers receive a

    • free e-wallet to get paid instantly and remit money home,
    • free global debit VISA card to spend money in stores and online, and withdraw worldwide with market-leading FX rates and low fees.

    Kadmos is a Berlin-based financial technology company that has developed an end-to-end salary payment platform to pay seafarers more efficiently and cost-effectively. Combining the latest advancements in Fintech, Kadmos solves the most pressing problems of paying seafarers, making the entire process more transparent and secure.