American Samoa Visitors Bureau

Pago Pago, 
American Samoa
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The sun rises over the Pacific Ocean, golden rays beaming across the surface and at the center of this vast blue expanse are the rainforest covered tropical islands. These sparkling emerald jewels are American Samoa, our islands, our paradise.

Welcome to our home.

Our islands form the eastern arm of the Samoan archipelago, home to Polynesian's proud of their strong Samoan culture and heritage where family life and Christian values form the basis of our society.

Add to this our status as a United States Territory, its only domain in the Southern Hemisphere and you have islands steeped in history and culture yet to be discovered by holiday travelers.

There are no five star hotels here or fancy name retail outlets or even mass tourism, but what you will discover is a holiday destination with affordable accommodation and services, a great selection of retail stores, an eco-tourism paradise and the friendliest people in the South Pacific.

Come and "Explore our Islands, Experience our Culture and Enjoy your Holiday in American Samoa!"

Lounging on a beach, yoga on a mountain top, hiking the National Park, snorkeling the surrounding lagoons, visiting historical World War II sites, diving in our Marine Sanctuary or simply shopping and dining our on local fare, choosing will be the hardest thing you'll ever do while on holiday!