British Virgin Islands Ports Authority  

Road Town, Tortola, 
Virgin Islands (British)
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About Tortola Pier Park

Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park is the BVI Ports Authority's cruise development in the British Virgin Islands, which consists of an enhanced cruise pier and a five-acre landside shopping facility. The newly enhanced cruise facility includes a 60ft wide, 1,312ft long pier that can berth ships up to a maximum tonnage of 180,000 GRT. The landside shopping center consist of 69 stores, including retail, service providers, commercial spaces and office spaces. To learn more visit 

Brands: The British Virgin Islands Ports Authority is the managing authority for all Sea Ports within the British Virgin Islands inclusive of the Cruise Pier.


  • Tortola Cruise Pier
    The length of the cruise pier 1,312ft and the width 60ft. The pier was reengineered and strengthened to facilitate vessels up to 180,000 GRT.

  • The turning basin 0.4 miles south southeast of the cruise pier has a radius exceeding 300 meters and a minimum depth of 11.3 meters. Tug assistance is rarely required for even the larger vessels manoevering in the area. The anchorage within the harbour is located in a clean, calm uncongested waterway and just 0.5 miles from the Road Town Ferry Terminal. 

    The following services can be facilitated at the cruise pier:

    Fresh Water via shore side connection

    Crew and Guest medical assistance

    Ship Supplies