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FarSounder’s 3D Forward Looking Sonar [FLS] systems provide real-time imagery of what’s beneath of the waters ahead for safe navigation. These systems give cruise ship bridge crew the security of safely navigating through challenging waters and promptly being alerted when dangers are approaching from up to 1000 meters ahead. Operators are able to detect objects and shallows along the sea floor and in-water hazards, both stationary and moving. 

Radar, depth sounders, ECDIS, and electronics charts with GPS are unable to provide an important piece of information. The Argos navigational sonar systems provide this missing piece of what is ahead now. Your charts don't know what has changed on the ocean floor; your radar can't see through water; and your depth sounder only looks down. Argos allows the crew to look ahead and navigate with confidence.

This user-friendly technology is integrated with the Wärtsilä Sam NACOS Platinum bridge for seamless operation. FarSounder’s SonaSoft™ software also allows for imaging to be easily overlaid on S57 and S63 charts. FarSounder Argos Sonars are used by all types of vessels in oceans and seas around the globe.

Brands: Argos Forward Looking Navigation Sonar


  • Argos 1000
    Forward Looking Sonar for navigation and obstacle avoidance....

  • Offers an exceptional degree of safety for passenger vessels. Exploration vessels in particular operating in remote areas of the world are especially vulnerable to ice and shallow shoals. Argos 1000 system detects shallows and objects in the water column up to 1000 meters ahead at operational speeds up to 25 knots. It is designed for easy fixed installation.