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SKF Marine’s expertise is built on the development, design, and manufacture of critical systems. Our marine solutions are designed to provide, reliable, intelligent, clean products and services to keep vessel operations running smoothly with a full portfolio of solutions, including amongst others, stabilizers, shaft components (Simplex), and oil treatment systems (Turbulo, RecondOil). With access to SKF’s marine-dedicated engineering and technical team, we are confident that together we can master the challenges of Maritime Industry. We offer an arena for innovation – an opportunity for our customers to use the tools we provide to explore, improve, or rethink the performance of their equipment. A place where even smallest adjustments can make a big difference.

Thousands of vessels on the ocean are relying on SKF. We deliver solutions that work on the ocean, for the ocean!

Brands: SKF, RecondOil, Simplex


  • SKF Fin Stabilizer Steel Cover
    Since the first stabilizers built in 1961, it has been SKF’s DNA to increase performance while minimizing energy consumption. As a result we recently released the SKF Steel finbox cover which significantly reduces the drag of the stabilizers....

  • SKF's Fin Stabilizer Steel Cover for SKF's and thirdparty retractable fin stabilizers - reduces water flow
    resistance, is deployable in any weather condition and closes the fin box up to 98%.

    The SKF Fin Stabilizer Steel Cover

    • consists of two hydraulically actuated steel covers and a permanently mounted shield on the crux, which together close the hull opening more than 98% when the fin is housed.
    • only opens shortly to allow the fin transition either from the housed to the extended position or vice versa.
    • opens to the outside, minimizing installation space within the fin pocket and loss of buoyancy.
    • can be retrofitted in most vessels with fin box cover preparation.