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Wärtsilä is a global leader in innovative technologies and lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. We emphasise innovation in sustainable technology and services to help our customers continuously improve their environmental and economic performance.

Wärtsilä Marine Power leads the industry in its journey towards a decarbonised and sustainable future. Our broad portfolio of engines, propulsion systems, hybrid technology, and integrated powertrain systems delivers the efficiency, reliability, safety, and environmental performance needed to support our customers to be successful. Our offering includes performance-based agreements, lifecycle solutions, and an unrivalled global network of maritime expertise.

Wärtsilä Voyage transforms how vessels perform their journeys and ports manage their operations by leveraging the latest digital technologies. Using data and AI-driven software, we deliver real-time insights into operations, performance, and energy use to enhance safety, efficiency, and reliability, saving fuel and minimising emissions.


  • Wärtsilä’s Decarbonisation Services
    With Decarbonisation Services we help you to find your decarbonisation path with three simple steps:

    Analysis of the current fleet
    Modelling and data analysis
    Selecting the right solutions...

  • We take a consultative approach, acting as a trusted, technology-agnostic expert to help you benchmark your current emission performance and then identify the optimal energy-saving technologies to help you improve it.

    Our experts follow a three-step approach:

     1 – Analyse

    We build a complete picture of the current state of play. We do this by gathering and analysing several years of data from a variety of sources, including vessel operational profiles, technical characteristics and official vessel fuel consumption reported by owners – as well as data from multiple Wärtsilä databases. We can then use machine learning techniques to process this data and predict how your vessel’s emission performance will degrade over time.

    2 ­– Simulate

    With enough data, we can use it to build a digital model of your vessel. This model mirrors its physical counterpart and is built based on data gathered from sensors and from publicly available data sources. It simulates the effects of different energy-saving technologies, or more likely different combinations of technologies, how they interact with each other and their impact on vessel operation.

    3 – Advise

    The third step is to determine what measures are technically and economically feasible. The key determiners are:

    • magnitude of the emission and OPEX benefits
    • the cost of installation for each technology
    • the residual value of the vessel or vessels

    A good example of how this approach is applied in practice is the team’s work with Carnival Corporation. Since February 2022 we have been working on a modelling project for the Regal Princess, a 330-metre long cruise vessel. To build the digital model and simulate vessel operations we are using several years’ worth of data. In the course of this project the benefits of the proposed technologies were clearly demonstrated and their impact quantified.