Lankhorst Ropes

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Lankhorst Ropes is a leading supplier of mooring lines for cruise ships. Tipto Winchline is a dedicated floating winch line developed especially for self-tensioning winches. It offers outstanding service life performance and, as a result, low total cost of ownership and minimal downtime. The non-load-bearing braided jacket provides protection of the core for longer service life and increases crew-safety by minimizing the risk of snap-back. Lankhorst also offers a range of supplementary mooring lines in the event the cruise ship encounters heavy gales. With our global stock points in USA, Dubai, Singapore and Europe we are well positioned to supply and service the mooring lines of the global cruise fleet.

Brands: Tipto Winchline, Lankoforce, Eurofloat Premium and ‘Through Life, For Life’Service Model


  • Tipto Winchline
    A dedicated floating winch line for self-tensioning winches. This load-bearing 7 strand core combines high strength and relatively low elongation....

  • The non-loadbearing braided jacket includes phosphorescent tracer yarn allowing the rope to glow during the hours of darkness, increasing dockside visibility and creating a pleasing visual effect of the moored vessel for your passengers. The jacket also provides protection of the core for longer service life. The mooring effi ciency of the vessel is enhanced by the ease of handling of the rope due to its low weight and ability to fl oat. TIPTO®WINCHLINE does not lose its strength when wet.