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LTH-Baas was founded in 1934. The company specializes in complex technical retrofit projects, newbuildings’ outfitting projects, refit and refurbishment, and ship repair around the world.

Today the company staff consists of over 600 permanent highly skilled and experienced marine professionals. The company is centrally managed from the head office in Tallinn, Estonia. Additionally, there are branch offices in Italy, France, and Germany where the company has large, long-term projects.

The company has been steadily growing over the last 20 years. LTH-Baas has successfully completed numerous ‘turn-key’ ballast water treatment system and scrubber installations, fuel supply system upgrades, Advanced Waste Water Treatment system installations, and many other complex technical retrofit projects during dry-docking and in operation worldwide.

During the last five years, LTH-Baas has carried out ‘turn-key’ outfitting of over 80 000 m2 cabins’ areas and installation of over 1 000 km of different systems’ pipelines at leading cruise vessels shipbuilding yards.

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