Heinen & Hopman

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Heinen & Hopman - Leading specialist and global supplier of maritime HVAC systems

Passengers on cruise and ferry vessels are expecting full luxury cruise standard, enjoying the view of icebergs passing by their cabin windows while they are enjoying a glass of wine in a perfect indoor climate. For these projects the HVAC systems become one of the key systems for customer satisfaction. We can design HVAC systems that meet the highest requirements and satisfy your most demanding customers. Our main focus is on energy-efficient solutions with ultra-low noise levels and minimum energy consumption. 

Founded in 1965, our family-owned company strives to be at your disposal 24/7 via a global network of subsidiaries and after-sales centers.


Teknotherm has the capability to be your total supplier of refrigeration and HVAC systems. Customizing our units in response to the specific needs or our customers has made Teknotherm a flexible company, able to rapidly respond to changes. Furthermore, we have an organization that is alert to the latest changes and requirements within the industry, enabling us to position our company on the from line of development.

Brands: Heinen & Hopman; Teknotherm