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Coating your ventilation with our coating technology will reduce your overall operating cost due to lower and more efficient energy consumption.
Our coating technology is also fire resistant and helps prevent and stop corrosions. It also reduces the spread of smoke and fire, increasing the safety of all employees on board.

At Coatable We care about the environment and continue developing sustainable solutions.

DNV Wheelmark certified - ISO 9001 certified

Brands: Coatable is the world’s leading creators of cost-effective solutions in cleaning, sealing and coating technology for air vent ducts and HVAC Systems.


  • VentGuard Special Coating SC50
    Coatable want to be your preferred partner for energy- and lifetime optimization of your HVAC system ducts
    We can clean and coat your ventilation system from the inside so you don't need to replace it....

  • We have taking our proven land based technology to the maritime offshore industry to help the Cruise companies on their journey to become greener and more environmental friendly. 

    Our coatings are thoroughly tested by the Danish Technological Institute ( and DBI – The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (
    Our coatings specifically for maritime purposes are certified by DNV ( and our company is ISO 9001 certified, also by DNV

    Coatable let's seal the deal togeher.