U-Boat Worx

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Since our start in 2005 we have grown to become the largest
exploration submersible builder in the world. Our large fleet consists
of 22 different models, and has changed the standards for private,
tourist, research and exploration submersibles.

Each U-Boat Worx submersible is engineered and built to the
highest standards. Leading Classification Society DNV individually
classes each submersible by extensively testing each component.
It is our innovation and in-house engineering that have led to many
“world-firsts” and achievements that illustrate how our owners
explore with the best submersibles.

We are the only submersible manufacturer who builds in series.
The benefits of this approach are straightforward. Our customers
enjoy the best quality, highest reliability and design at industrydefining

The engineers and technicians in our Netherlands-based factory
take individual care of each submersible assuring the highest level
of precision and craftsmanship, to provide customised solutions for
a particular mission or a bespoke design.