Ministy of Tourism, Kingdom of Tonga

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Malo e Lelei!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Tonga, our Kingdom on earth!

A real Tongan experience is only created when you meet the Tongans.

Tonga's uniqueness comes from our distinctive cultural values, cultivated for centuries through a monarchial system that recognises the supremacy of a heavenly ruler. Our very first Christian King - George Tupou 1 dedicated Tonga - land and people to be taking care by God. With God at the helm, Tonga enjoys peace.

Visitors are welcome to explore our different island groups and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Breathe the South Pacific Ocean's bountiful fresh air and enjoy our breathtaking sceneries.

No matter were you are and what you do, the islands are all yours to enjoy at your own pace. Swimming with the Tongan majestic humpback whales in Vava'u, learn our culture and history in Tongatapu, hiking in 'Eua and explore its magnificent views and snorkeling in the silver sandy beaches of Ha'apai.

Captain James Cook dubbed Tonga "The Friendly Islands" and Tonga lives up to it. Feel our great exuberance for life and enjoy the only island Kingdom in the Pacific for centuries, Kingdom of Tonga - our Kingdom on Earth.

'Ofa atu and God Bless!