Guadeloupe Islands Tourism Authority

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Guadeloupe destination is an archipelago made of 5 islands named Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, Les Saintes and La Désirade. Each of them offers tourist trips hosting a range of activities, marine, natural, cultural activities, but also outdoors activities. It also offers cruise holiday from Pointe à Pitre in the Caribbean. 2018-2019 season, nearly 230 stops and 400 000 passengers. It is two times more than last season, so Guadeloupe Tourism Island board and other partners are working to make this season be better. Throughout the recent years many projects of improvements in this area have been developed. In order to always satisfy our visitors, making the device more attractive to cruise companies and increase the quality of welcome in Port Guadeloupe Caribbean. The destination have worked hard to improve the quality of services delivered to the guest and to the crew. Now all our 3 Tour Operator are certified with the ACE from Aquila Tours, and 98% of our guide are certified with Aquila.