Genova Industrie Navali

Genova,  Liguria 
  • Booth: 3236

Genova Industrie Navali: one of the most important players in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry in the Mediterranean.

The Genova Industrie Navali Holding is an holding constituted by San Giorgio del Porto Company (an important name in ship repairs), and T. Mariotti Company (specialising in the construction of luxury vessels) which, coincidentally, both share the same place and date of founding: Genoa (Italy), 1928. The holding company,formed in 2008, has the important role of coordinating and developing the activities of all the maritime companies directly affiliated with it.

Since its foundation, its shared strategy has been to allow each company to continue to act independently within its own market, without making changes to any of their individual characteristics. With a total production value of over 250 million euros, more than 500 employees, 1.200 jobs genereted, 260.000 square meters of available facilities, 2.700 meters of quay, 5 dry-docks in Genoa and 3 dry-docks in Marseille, Genova Industrie Navali is one of the most important shipbuilding and repair groups in the entire Mediterranean Sea.

Brands: San Giorgio del Porto, Chantier Naval de Marseille, T.Mariotti, G.Scorza, Ortec, Piombino Industrie Marittime