ROUEN NORMANDY Channel to Paris

Rouen,  Normandy 
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Rouen – Channel to Paris is a port for both ocean and river cruising and the medieval city of Rouen is the Capital of Normandy and it is the closest port to Paris, only 83 miles (133.58 km) away. 

Sailing from Honfleur, following the Seine Valley that is lined with white chalky cliffs, majestic abbeys and lush fruit orchards and finally arriving in Rouen, makes for an unforgettable and inspirational travel experience. All 3 destinations belong to HAROPA Rouen Port, so your vessel gets charged only once when you enter its waters. 

Most calls to Rouen stay overnight, so passengers have more time to go ashore and choose multiple excursions. A popular excursion is Paris by night, that allows visitors to stay up as late as they like.

Finally, being a bite sized city we see ourselves as a boutique destination, so, overcrowding is not a problem with ship traffic and an influx of thousands of passengers at the same time. It truly makes for a pleasant experience for both cruisers and locals alike.


  • Rouen the port of Paris
    Rouen, the Norman Capital, has many treasures to offer. Situated on the River Seine, between the sea and Paris, offers a multitude of Natural, Artistic, Historical, Gastronomical and Industrial heritages that are celebrated throughout France....

  • Rouen is the port of Paris! And to visit the Capital of fashion, city of lovers with its iconic monuments, world-class museum collections, city of shopping is easy and fast, only 135 km (90 minutes) away from Rouen. Another not to miss excursions, is that of The Palace of Versailles (80 minutes away). It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of France's foremost tourist attractions. Giverny (50 minutes away) the house and gardens of Claude Monet, is a sure destination for art lovers and can easily be combined with an excursion to Paris.  
    Currently, we can host two ships of 240 m in the city, year round, but works has started to welcome ships of 250 meters end 2023.  We truly are a cruise destination, counting 830 river calls and 30 ocean calls a year. Sailing up the Seine is a not to miss destination and are particularly appreciated by expedition cruises due to their ability to sail to our destination which larger ships can't reach. 

    Passengers rate Rouen very highly as a destination, and the feedback from cruise companies are always encouraging. We strive to closely work with all actors involved in the cruise industry to make the destination a truly unforgettable experience. We especially create and adapt visits to the need of cruise companies and their passengers, and our cooperation with river cruise companies has given us an advantage in marketing the destination as a not to miss cruise experience.  Cruise overcrowding will never be a problem here due to large ship traffic and an influx of thousands of passengers and their autocars. It truly makes for a pleasant experience for both cruisers and locals alike and allow passengers to have fully indulged themselves into the Capital of Normandy. 

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