Genova,  Italy 
  • Booth: 4032

With 160 years of experience, RINA is a multinational company that helps clients build strong successful businesses. In addition to the provision of classification, statutory certification and technical advisory services, we deliver value added services to the cruise industry and are rated among the top performing Classification Societies, both by the Paris MOU and the Tokyo MOU.  

RINACube is our open and cloud-based platform, providing digitally augmented services to support decision making to order to drive down costs and increasing efficiency. Its applications include real-time fleet performance management (OPTIMUM), a paperless electronic logbook (ELB) and devices for remote inspections. Our team is constantly performing technology scouting for innovative digital solutions to support ship owners and managers in facing the new challenges their business brings.


  • RINA Digital solutions
    Our digital solutions are based on the efficient and structured management of fleet information, integration of heterogeneous data, definition and monitoring of critical performance indicators and deployment of technology facilitating onboard operations...

  • RINA created RINACube, a web-based open platform, designed to integrate data from various sources and capable of machine-learning driven analytics to create unique business insights and help companies take decisions based on data evidence to optimise processes and asset performance. OPTIMUM, our digital solution for ship performance management, provides real-time monitoring to identify areas where efficiency can be increased, and ELB (Electronic Logbooks) has been designed to replace paper logbooks, improving data reliability and minimising the risk of human error, and is fully integrated into RINACube, thus enhancing the compliance of ship owners with an exclusive set of innovative features and advanced analytics. Finally, SERTICA is a modern and user-friendly solution that optimises shipping companies’ business within maintenance, procurement, HSQE and crewing. It provides a flexible, modular system combined with reliable communication and data management to simplify operations, optimise performance, and save costs.