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South Africa
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One South African Cruise Experience

South Africa is a leading maritime nation with world-class port facilities and infrastructure. South Africa provides cutting-edge facilities to enable cruise operators to change crews, take on supplies, perform repairs and maintenance and execute any other services required.

South Africa’s world-class infrastructure and check-in processes ensure we can process thousands of tourists seamlessly and effortlessly.

South Africa offers an unparalleled value proposition for tourists, from spectacular scenery to safari and adventure; modern cities; fascinating historical sites and thousands of kilometres of gorgeous beaches.

A respected member of the IMO, South Africa ensures ships operate in a well-governed and safe territory.

Brands: Mazango Development Institute is an NGO focused on the socio-economic development of South Africa through the activation of programmes in the Maritime and Agriculture sectors.


  • Maritime Youth Development Programme
    Creating employment opportunities for South African youth on international cruise lines...

  • Since 2016 we have been recruiting youth from rural poverty-stricken areas of South Africa, training them, and ensuring their certification before placing them on MSC Cruises. The impact the MYDP has had on their lives, their families, and communities have surpassed all expectations.

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