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In 30 years, NAPA has become a global leader in software, services and data analysis for the maritime industry; providing data-led solutions for safety, efficiency and productivity in both ship design and operations.
The world's major cruise liners trust NAPA expertise for stability management and safety. NAPA provides loading and stability systems, including flooding emergency and decision-support solutions. NAPA’s electronic logbook brings major benefits in terms of time savings, data validation, and data sharing.
NAPA solutions for ship operations include data management & analysis and performance monitoring & optimization tools to increase fuel efficiency and sustainability of a ship or fleet.
NAPA design solutions offer a comprehensive toolset for flexible 3D modeling and ship stability analysis, tools for designing eco-efficient and safe hull forms for real sea conditions, and efficient and easy 3D structural design for reliable weight calculation, class approval drawings and FEM.
NAPA operates in 11 offices in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. 430 organizations use its design solutions and there are nearly 3,000 installations onboard. 


  • NAPA Solutions for Cruise
    NAPA is the leading maritime software and services provider for cruise shipping companies when it comes to ship stability management, integrated decision support in flooding situations, as well as, electronic logbooks and information monitoring....

  • NAPA Stability

    The ability to optimize load while minimizing stress and safety risk is a key competitive advantage for ship operators. Developed together with the users, NAPA Stability ensures safe and optimal planning of stowage, cargo, and ballast. The system covers a wide range of calculations related to hydrostatics, intact stability, damage stability and longitudinal strength.

    NAPA Emergency Computer

    Ship safety is taken to a new level with NAPA Emergency Computer solution for risk monitoring and flooding prediction. When water ingress is detected, NAPA Emergency Computer begins calculating a flooding assessment supporting officers in decision making.

    NAPA Logbook

    NAPA’s electronic record-keeping solution offers efficient data recording and monitoring onboard and ashore enabling time savings, data validation, and data sharing. NAPA Logbook is a PC and mobile application, which can be used anywhere onboard. Approved by all major flags, NAPA Logbook is used by over 8000 officers.
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