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Marioff is a global leader and innovator of HI-FOG®, high pressure water mist fire protection technology. We design, develop, manufacture, install and maintain HI-FOG solutions that enhance fire safety in buildings, industrial applications and at sea, all over the world.

Brands: HI-FOG® High Pressure Water Mist Fire Protection


  • HI-FOG®
    HI-FOG® is a world leading fire protection system that accomplishes fire suppression with high-pressure water mist....

  • The smart architecture of HI-FOG – one panel controls the entire ship’s system – allows it to be used quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, it is able to protect every part of the ship, including accommodation, galleys, service areas, Ro-Ro decks and machinery spaces. Enabled by frequency control technology and efficient electric motors that optimize power consumption, the HI-FOG system remains in standby mode most of the time and uses only a very small amount of power. Moreover, environmental effects during system testing and release are close to zero, as the only extinguishing media used is pure water.
    Small-diameter HI-FOG tubing can be hidden away in tight spaces, while state-of-the-art sprinkler heads can be artfully installed to blend in with the interior design.
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