• Booth: 1953

F.LLI RAZETO & CASARETO  S.P.A. designs and makes marine  locks and doors’ accessories in Italy since 1920.Now introducing OSSH©,unprecedented Safety Luminous  Handles for fire doors ,which  light up to be detected in critical conditions in addition to LLL. t to safeguard the safety of passengers, guests and employees.The OSSH© luminous  handles project presents a range of innovative products in the field of safety on board ships. These products are considered to represent a solution to safety measure requirements and are at the same time assessed as a "Best Practice" available to shipowners and shipyards.During a fire handles automatically  light up green on the side of the fire to allow panicking people to identify the best escape routes and to reach safetyand red on the outside to prevent the door being opened. The design of the handle is such as to also be visible and operatable from the ground.

Brands: F.lli Razeto e casasreto s.p.A.

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