netmedia GmbH

  • Booth: 1708

Does your central office Marketing Team know
- how often your passengers books your Internet plans?
- the most booked Internet plans?
- the amount of turnover?
- the peak times of usage?
- the Up-/Download volume of your Internet Link?

Does your Webdesigner know
- the top 5 Browser?
- the top 5 Operationg Systems?

Does your IT-Management know
- the Up-/Download volume of your Internet Link?
- the health of your server on board?

Are you interested in 
- getting all this information in real-time?
- creating and changing your Internet plans in real- time?
- creating Vouchers online?

We can offer you all this information in real-time to your central office. Visit us on booth 1708.

Btw, if you have no Cat5/7 cabling on board and you want to offer IP traffic to the cabins, we can show you how to use your existing Coax network for IP transport without laying any new cables.

Brands: is a centralized WiFi solution. Our focus is a complete centralized solution without any IT specialist o board and not just another landing/login-page.

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