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Evac is the world’s leading provider of integrated waste, wastewater and water management systems for cruise ships.

Toilets and vacuum collection. Our water-saving toilets are the most silent on the market, whilst our vacuum collection systems combine reliability with energy efficiency.

Wastewater treatment. Moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR) and membrane bioreactors (MBR) provide energy savings and lower operating costs.

Dry and wet waste treatment. Covering food waste management systems, incinerators and briquetting for recyclable materials.

Ballast water management systems. Combining filtration and UV technology. Adjusts to different water qualities, saving power whenever possible.

Marine growth prevention. Eliminates bio-fouling blockages in seawater cooling lines.

Corrosion protection. ICCP systems for reliable and technically advanced protection to reduce hull maintenance costs.

Fresh water generation. Fully automated reverse osmosis systems and potable water treatment systems.

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  • Evac Evolution Ballast Water Management System
    The Evac Evolution ballast water management system, based on filtration and UV technology, is now in the final stages of achieving revised IMO G8 and USCG Type Approval....

  • The Evac Evolution ballast water management system (BWMS) is based on a combination of filtration and UV technology. Completely chemical-free, it operates effectively in marine, brackish and fresh water.

    A unique feature of the system is a feedback ‘loop’ which ensures thorough irradiation of organisms, whilst ensuring that power is used as economically possible.

    Developed by Cathelco, the UV transmission sensor system ensures precise UV dosage by adjusting the UV level to different water qualities. It is achieved by taking a sample of sea water before it reaches the UV chambers and measuring the amount of UV light actually passing through it. This works in conjunction with UV intensity meters which are mounted on the chamber and measure the intensity of light which is received.

    The system is available with capacities from 34m3/h to 1,500m3/h in a single unit and it can be provided skid mounted or in modular form, simplifying retrofit installations in confined areas.

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