Trieste Terminal Passeggeri S.p.A.

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Trieste Terminal Passeggeri Spa manages the Maritime Station of Triest,which is situated in the heart of the city,just a few steps from the central square,Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia. The Maritime Station is made up of an outdoor area of 9,900 m2 and a total indoor area of 7,200 m2.It offers 2berths that can accomodate 2modern cruise vessels(up to 300mt with the Dolphin)for the operations of home port:Berth 29 (220 mt long and with a draft of 30‘ -9,14 meters-) and Berth 30 (240 mt long with a draft of 26‘ -7,92 meters-). So far 56 calls have been scheduled for 2017 and the Terminal will serve as home port for the vessel Costa Luminosa. Moreover,Trieste Terminal Passeggeri will manage different calls through the year of the luxury vessel Arethusa in the bay of Sistiana, very close to Trieste.