Port of Huelva

  • Booth: 1921

Port of Huelva: Port of Christopher Columbus…Port of the Discovery In the west coast of Andalusia, next to the Strait of Gibraltar, the Port of Huelva is located at the most important crossroads of the North-South and East-West maritime routes which means the opportunity for being visited by cruise ships whose routes are through the South Mediterranean, North Africa and North Europe-Canary Islands as well as seasonal change between the Caribbean and Europe. Huelva is situated less than one hour to the monumental city of Seville and the Algarve. The gastronomy of the city is well Known. The ham from Jabugo town, meat and cold meats, white prawns as well as fish, strawberries and raspberries, olive oil, brandy, wine and vinegars have made Huelva to become 'Spanish Gastronomy Capital 2017'.