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Basking Ridge,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 928

Euticals – Your Partner for APIs and Custom Manufacturing & Synthesis

Euticals is one of the leading players in APIs and CMO industry offering a global scale production, diversified manufacturing sites, and multiple technology platforms.  Euticals consists of 10 plants, located in Italy, France, Germany and USA and produces 250+ products.

Euticals' core expertise includes chemical synthesis, fermentation, bioconversion, enzymatic chemistries, aseptic sterilization, and controlled substances.  Euticals offering includes route scouting, process development, optimization, scale-up, analytical methods development and validation, and rapid volume escalation.  We support our customers form non-GMP to full GMP synthesis and chemical manufacturing services, from production of early stage clinical trial materials to post-launch manufacturing. Our core technologies are cryogenic reactions especially for boronic acids, Pd-catalyzed chemistries for biaryls and C,X-couplings, hydrogenations up to 80 bar, heterocyclic products, enzymatic chemistries,  and T3P chemistries.

Brands: T3P - Propanephosphonic acid anhydride