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Chiral Quest Corp

Suzhou,  Jiangsu 
  • Booth: 1536

Chiral Quest was founded in 2000 and moved operations to China in 2009.  We acquired Jiangxi Long Life Biopharmaceuticals Co. Ltd in May 2012.  Our headquarters and R&D centre is in Suzhou, with commercial scale manufacture in Jiangxi Province.  Chiral Quest has expertise in asymmetric hydrogenation, multi-step synthesis and cryogenic reactions.  The company has successfully developed and scaled up many processes for the commercial manufacture of API intermediates.  In 2013 Chiral Quest filed USDMF’s for Duloxetine and Sitagliptin intermediates.  The capacity of our manufacturing site is over 400,000 L, including 12 pressure vessels for hydrogenation and 6 cryogenic vessels