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Umicore AG & Co. KG

Hanau Wolfgang, 
  • Booth: 1432

Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry globally provides innovative metal based chemicals, novel homogeneous catalysts, APIs and Chemical Vapor Deposition precursors, commercial-scale manufacturing and supply chain expertise to enable current and future technologies.
We offer a long-term collaborative partnership approach to research, development and commercial manufacturing that offers customers continued support throughout their product life cycle. We combine the know-how of our experts and our commitment to using high quality materials and new technologies to bring our customers innovative solutions to life.
Visit us to start talking about your project involving a palladium catalyzed cross-coupling step or a ring closure metathesis: we will be happy to support you.


Brands: Umicore CX Cross-Coupling Catalysts Umicore M Metathesis Catalysts Chiralyst - Umicore catalysts for enantioselective reactions