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Thin Film Electronics

San Jose,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 929

Managing and tracking your chemical goods throughout their product lifecycle can be a complex challenge. Counterfeiting, unauthorized refills, and expired products compromise your brand and threaten the public’s health and safety.  

Thinfilm has developed a strong authentication solution that is cost-effective and convenient enough for mass market use.  

Our solution is also able to provide an efficient means of sharing product information to end-users including critical expiration dates, MSDS, chemical handling and emergency information  – even after the factory seal is broken.  

 Press Releases

  •  January 18, 2016 – Thin Film Electronics announced a global alliance with Tata Consulting Services (“TCS”) the leading IT services, consulting and business solutions firm.

    TCS will collaborate with Thinfilm to incorporate the printed electronics leader’s NFC OpenSense(TM) and NFC Barcode(TM) technologies into the TCS OmniStore(TM) POS Platform and the TCS Optumera(TM) Suite of Products. The offering will be delivered through interactive NFC shelf labels at the point of sale, allowing shoppers to tap items with their smartphones to receive product information, promotional offers, usage tips, and other contextual messaging that influences their buying decision. The “opt-in” protocol with NFC, which is much less intrusive than Bluetooth or iBeacons, is geared toward increasing consumer engagement levels, strengthening brand loyalty, and significantly enhancing the consumer experience. Retailers and brands will also benefit as data associated with shopper interactions and behaviors is captured through the TCS OmniStore(TM) POS Platform and sent to the cloud for analysis.  


    December 22, 2015 - Leading Pharma Packaging Firm Orders NFC OpenSense™ Labels for Packaging Integration with Global Pharmaceutical Products

    Thin Film Electronics and Jones Packaging Inc.(“Jones”), a world-class provider of premier packaging solutions for healthcare and consumer brands are collaborating to integrate Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense™ technology into paperboard pharma packaging and establish key manufacturing processes for production on Jones’ high speed lines. Jones and Thinfilm are engaging leading global pharmaceutical companies to integrate the smart technology into product packaging and deliver the solution to market.

    Jones and Thinfilm are initially focusing on integrating the NFC OpenSense technology into packaging solutions, such as paperboard cartons that house Rx and OTC medications. As part of this initiative, Jones has placed a six-figure unit order for NFC OpenSense tags.


    November 3, 2015 - Thinfilm and Ypsomed to Deliver New Generation of ‘Smart’ Medical Injection Devices

    Thin Film Electronics announced a partnership with the Ypsomed Group (“Ypsomed”) (SIX: YPSN), a leading developer and manufacturer of injection systems for self-medication. Through the partnership, the companies will collaborate to incorporate Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense™ technology in the YpsoMate® autoinjector as a means of improving patient self-care compliance.

    Through the combination of the NFC OpenSense™ tags and a custom mobile app, patients will be able to receive valuable compliance assistance such as adherence history, injection reminders, usage guidelines, refill instructions and authentication. In turn, doctors will be able to track whether or not patients are adhering to daily self-medication requirements.