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Systag, System Technik AG

Rüschlikon,  Schweiz 
  • Booth: 819

Swiss-based SYSTAG (System Technik AG) specializes in providing complete solutions for the lab automation and process optimization of chemical development. SYSTAG products and systems use purpose-developed software and hardware components. The company’s products include reaction calorimeters for the determination of thermal safety data of safety-critical chemical processes and controlled laboratory reactor systems for process development and automation to scale-up level.

SYSTAG’s specialization and expertise in advanced and consistent process automation solutions has made it a preferred partner of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers systems that enhance efficiency and safety at every key stage from development through piloting to production control technology, including all chemical process development aspects, associated thermal safety inspections and scale-up.  Core specialisms include hydrogenation, pressure application, calorimetry and thermal screening as well as parallel synthesis workstation.

Brands: FlexyCUBE multi-reactor applications for parallel process optimisation FlexyPAT flexible automated laboratory reactor Calo2310 all-in-one reaction calorimeter with heat flow and heat balance method

 Press Releases

  • (Nov 25, 2015)

    Running processes in parallel can reduce time and increase reproducibility: two key issues in chemical product development. To meet this need, SYSTAG has developed the innovative PPR (Parallel Pressure Reactor) system in partnership with Büchi AG. The system is both modular and configurable to meet a wide range of customer needs.

    The PPR can interconnect up to six pressure reactor vessels in individual heating and cooling blocks that can be controlled individually or run together in a fully automated process.

    The system enables rapid and efficient hydrogenations and catalyst screenings to be performed in complete safety.

    This is partly due to comprehensive control parameters that range from pressure, flow and gas consumption to stirrer speed and safety limits. Control parameters can be varied between reactors.

    Combining ultra-high quality Büchiglas reactors with proven user-friendly automation solutions developed by SYSTAG also enhances safety, guaranteeing safe processes across a wide range of applications.

    PPR Features

    The PPR System consists of up to six pressurized reaction vessels in individual heating / cooling blocks that can be controlled individually or together as part of an integrated system.

    Each reactor block is fitted with a lifting /lowering system, individual temperature control up to 300oC and fast action safety closure.
    PPR can be configured on demand and operated in manual or fully automated modes.

    • In Manual operation, the software controls the reactor hardware and logs all process data.
    • In Automated mode, the control software allows full process automation including dosing of different gases or liquids. For fully automated processes, a recipe editor is included in the software to edit existing settings and to define completely new processes. The PPR system also allows manual interventions in recipes during a process.

    Multiple safety features guarantee safe hydrogenations and other processes.

    An automated sampling system allows taking up to 4 samples on each reactor even under pressure and cross-contamination free.

    All important parameter data are clearly displayed, with every single process step shown on the graphic display. Drag-and-drop functionality allows recipes to be easily defined and modified. The software is also GxP compliant with exportable data.


    PPR supports a wide range of laboratory applications including:

    • Chemical reactions
    • Hydrogenations in parallel
    • Catalyst testing in parallel
    • Process development and scale up studies
    • Carbonylation by CO
    • Carboxylation by CO2
    • Decarboxylation
    • Friedel-Crafts Acylation

    The system can also be adapted to perform ethoxylatons, general gas reactions at constant flow (CO, CO2, Ethylene, O2, NO), Design of Experiment (DoE) and Quality by Design (QbD) studies.


    PPR offers a compelling series of benefits:

    • Totally reproducible catalyst screening and hydrogenations in reduced time with total safety 
    • Individual or parallel temperature, pressure and other operation settings for maximum flexibility
    • Highly configurable hardware and software from basic reactions to full parallel setup, including dosing
    • Full recipe control for highest reproducibility
    • Reactor volume of 50ml to 300ml closely aligns with typical preparative reaction sizes, making the PPS an ideal tool for catalyst screening
    • Fully GxP compliant system with full documentation and data logging/export functions
    • The PPR System supports hydrogen or other gas dosing with constantly logged gas consumption
    • An automatic sample function is available, to take samples without disturbing the reaction, increasing speed and efficiency.



    Reactor volume:

    50 ml – 300ml

    Number of Reactors:

    2 – 6


    -1.0 (FV) to +100 bar


    -20 °C to +300°C (other on request)


    Stainless steel /Hastelloy / Tantalum / PTFE inliner

    Stirrer drive:

    High torque motor with powerful magnetic coupling (75Ncm)

    Agitator speed:

    0-2500 rpm, continuously adjustable

    Safety rupture disc:



    Six opening (for Pt100, dip tube, valves, etc.)



    Reactor volume:

    50 ml – 300ml


    Process setting & control

    Operating modes:

    Manual to fully automated

    GxP compliance:

    GxP compliance:Full documentation and data export

    Control parameters:

    Reaction pressure / temperature, gas / liquid flow, gas consumption, stirrer speed, safety limits.(double point)

    Available single automation steps:

    Inert gas purging, leakage control, gas purging (nitrogen / active gas)

    Reaction control modes:

    constant flow, constant reaction pressure, etc.

    End criteria to stop hydrogenation:

    Total gas consumption, minimal gas flow, time over event


    Individual for each reactor, showing actual gas flow (nL/min), Gas consumption, process temperature, pressure, rpm, feed,..

    User interface:

    Setting up recipes: drag & drop editor

    User interface:Recipe modifications:

    “on the fly” using ‘as if’, ‘then’ ‘else’, logic, loop and, jump back to phase



    The extensive standard configuration of the pressure reactors and control system can be further enhanced with a number of options tailored for specialist requirements. These include:

    • Automated sampling: contamination free taking up to four samples from each reactor. Sampling can be manually controlled or automated from recipe
    • Liquid dosing: via balance (at up to 275 bar) or from SS316 or PEEK corrosion resistant metering pump, flow rates 0.003 to 40 ml/min
    • Reactor gas-stirrer: for homogenous gas dispersion
    • Catalyst basket
    • Burettes
    • Software:< IQ/OQ and customized software extensions are available on request


    Supplier Information

    Supplier: SYSTAG, System Technik AG
    Address: Bahnhofstrasse 76, CH-8803 Rüschlikon, Switzerland
    Tel: +41 (0)44 704 54 54
    Fax: +41 (0)44 704 54 55