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Suparna Chemicals, Ltd.

Mumbai,  Maharashtra 
  • Booth: 925

Suparna Chemicals Ltd.(an ISO 9001:2008 company) is  the leading producer of strong bases, such as, potassium and sodium tertiary butoxides( KTB, STB), tertiary amylates( KTA,STA), propylates and isopropylates(SNP,KIP), hexamethyl disilazanes(KHMDS, NaHMDS) and several customized alkoxides, Suparna supplies its Alkoxides to pharmaceutical, agro, electronic, flavors and fragrances and coating  industries from a newly constructed modern plant. These alkoxides are available in many solvents and custom made packings.

 Suparna’s alkoxides are well accepted in  Europe, Japan, USA and other countries.


Suparna also manufactures and exports sodium potassium alloy( NaK) in DOT approved cylinders, potassium metal, potassium superoxide(KO2), ketonic resins and speciality plasticizers diamyl phthalate(DAMP), diisoamyl phthalate(DIAMP) in UN approved packaging to Japan, Korea, Europe and USA.


Suparna’s potassium superoxide based closed circuit breathing apparatus (SCSR) is used extensively in Indian coal mines.


Suparna’s R&D facility is recognized by Government of India. 

Brands: KTB,STB,KTA,STA,KIP,SNP,SNB,KHMDS,SHMDS,Potassium metal,NaK,KO2, ketonic Resins,SCSR,DAMP, DIAMP