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Over 40 year of experience have made Technoflex the innovative firm, European leader in design and manufacture of flexible bags (FEP-PP-PVC-EVA) and connectors for the pharmaceutical industry. Technoflex's flexible containers (standard, sterilized, multi-chambers) are compliant with the US & EU pharmacopoeias and designed for various applications: premixed IV drugs (painkillers, antibiotics, etc.), Blood Derivatives products (plasma, platelets), parenteral nutrition and cell therapy. Technoflex will presents its new range of dual chamber bag Dual-Mix™ for powder/lyophilisate and the associated diluent. 

Brands: Inerta®: PP range of IV bags Dual-Mix™: dual chamber bag for powder/lyophilisate & diluent SafeCell®: FEP bags for cell culture CryoCell®: EVA bag for cryopreservation


  • DualMix™
    Technoflex has developed Dual-Mix™, an innovative primary packaging which meets three challenges: storing the medicine to be reconstituted, making its reconstitution secure and ensuring the safety of healthcare staff and the patient....

  •  This patented bag contains a medicine in powder/lyophilisate form and the associated diluent in the same dual-chamber primary packaging. It facilitates and makes safe the packaging of very unstable molecules which need to be reconstituted just before administration to the patient. Designed in Inerta® PP, the material in contact with the main active ingredient and the diluent is fully compliant with EU and US pharmacopoeias. The two chambers are separated by a peelable seal. It is sufficiently hard wearing not to break spontaneously during transport or storage, but is however easy to break by using simple appropriate pressure on the lower chamber to ensure that the main active ingredient and its diluent are mixed just before infusion. Reconstitution is achieved in under 10 seconds and in a totally safe way. The bag’s closed system ensures that the product is sterile and avoids risks of contamination during handling. Finally, Dual-Mix™ has a twist-off compatible with the majority of trocars and infusion sets used in Europe and the United States.

    Dual-Mix™ is available in 3 different volumes of 50, 100 and 250ml. and opens the way for standardized ready-to-use doses of medicines. By avoiding the need in some cases for preparation in the hospital pharmacy, Dual-Mix™ optimises preparation and administration by medical staff. A not inconsiderable advantage and a great advance, making reconstitution and administration simple, fast and totally safe in a hospital environment, but also during hospitalisation at home or in emergency or conflict zones.