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As a leading expert in the registration, authorisation and notification of chemical substances, inside and outside EU, REACHLaw provides you with chemical regulatory compliance and product safety services. We ensure market access for your chemical products and support you with chemical regulations such as: EU REACH & CLP, Turkey KKDIK, K-REACH, Russia REACH and many more. Our HQ is in Finland however, we are present in Belgium, in Turkey and in India.  

REACHLaw is one of the foremost REACH Only Representative service providers in the European Union and in Turkey!

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Brands: At REACHLaw we support you with the post-2018 regulatory challenges: Only Representation, Registrations, Substance Evaluation, SVHCs, Authorisation, Supply Chain Management, REACH Corporate Compliance Programme, Turkey KKDIK registrations, K-REACH, Russia REACH and many more!


  • EU REACH registration Services
    We help co-registrants and lead registrants as their service provider or as Only Representative (OR) in fulfilling all REACH requirements now and beyond 2018....

  • REACHLaw has a vast experience in taking companies through the different phases of the registration process including SIEF and consortium. We provide resources and expertise for the hazard assessment and risk characterisation, when needed. We provide the customer with a complete chemical safety report (CSR) and necessary collection of information in the supply chain, handling  of third party access rights and financial transactions, completing the technical dossier and submitting it to ECHA.

  • REACH Authorisation and SVHCs Support Service
    We combine the best expertise and a deep understanding of your business and regulatory requirements to provide you with a full set of services for REACH Authorisation....

  • Our REACH authorisation and SVHCs support covers the overall strategy and scope of the authorisation to performing the work needed in the different stages of the authorisation process ( e.g. Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Socio-Economic Analysis (SEA), Chemical Safety Report ( CSR) and full authorisation application). Furthermore, through our advocacy support services we aslo assist you before authorisation and restriction decisions are made. We help you to achieve the best possible outcome for your business by supporting you in the public consultations phase, as well as with the RMOAs, exemption studies and legal consulting.
  • REACH Corporate Compliance Program Services
    REACHLaw has a unique set of competence and experience, covering more than 10 years of chemical regulatory support for the chemical industry worldwide, to help you with the designing and implementation guidelines of an in-house REACH compliance programme....

  • During more than 10 years we have helped a wide range of industries from primary producers of chemicals, to chemical traders, to DUs such as aerospace, electronics, defence, plastics, etc. to understand the impact of the EU REACH regulation on their business.

    REACHLaw utilizes its expertise in REACH to prepare REACH Compliance Programs (RCP) for organizations subject to REACH & CLP Regulations at various levels. The RCP is developed to client specific requirements with the aim of defining actions to take now and in the foreseeable future to continuously comply with the requirements of REACH & CLP considering eventual changes in company operations and growth of business as well as the changes in the regulations themselves. The service offers an easy and clear way for organisations  to comply with REACH & CLP post-2018 and as long as these regulations are in force.

  • Turkey KKDIK Registration services
    At REACHLaw we are able to help you with your KKDIK pre-registrations and registrations as your Only Representative (OR) via our Istanbul office or as your service provider....

  • From 23 December, 2017 the Turkey REACH regulation: KKDIK has entered into force. From that date, all substances (on their own, in mixtures or in articles) manufactured in Turkey or imported into Turkey with volumes equal to or above 1 tonne per year, are required to be pre-registered and registered by 2020 and 2023 respectively.

    Via our Istanbul office we can help you as your OR or as your service provider to comply with the KKDIK requirements. Additionally we can also help you to comply with the other Turkish Regulations that are now into force: Turkey CLP: SEA and Turkish SDS regulation: GBF.