Qualicaps, Inc.

Whitsett,  NC 
United States
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Qualicaps has more than a century of capsule manufacturing experience and a strong record of pioneering, allowing us to provide solutions ensuring our customers are “Engineered to perform.” Geared toward quality, we offer you exceptional performance from our capsules, our dosage form experts and our line of pharmaceutical processing equipment.  By way of our rich history, knowledge, capabilities and global presence, we are leading the way for the next-generation capsule.

Brands: Quali-G Capsules Quali-V Capsules Prism Capsules


  • Quali-V Capsules
    Quali-V® HPMC capsules are designed to meet demanding drug formulation challenges. They have an equivalent dissolution profile to gelatin and lower moisture content (4.0% to 6.0%), offering superior properties for hygroscopic drugs....

  • Quali-V® capsules are a plant-based alternative to gelatin capsules designed to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.  Quali-V® capsules are equivalent in their dissolution profile to the traditional hard gelatin capsules. Quali-V® capsules have lower moisture content than gelatin capsules (4.0% to 6.0%), offering superior properties for hygroscopic drugs.

    Quali-V® capsules maintain their physical stability when filled with hygroscopic materials or are ex­posed to low humidity conditions. They also hold many types of formulations: powders, pellets, tablets, semi-solids, and non-aqueous liquids. Because Quali-V® capsules are chemically inert and do not undergo cross-linking reactions.