Pet Flavors Inc.

Melbourne,,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 575

Pet Flavors Inc. (PF, Inc.) is the world leading manufacturer of quality powdered flavor bases for the pharmaceutical/nutritional companion animal health industry. PF Inc. sells several types of flavor bases for use in formulating palatable canine, feline, and equine dosage forms (such as soft chews, chewable tablets, granules and pastes) that are sold on a worldwide basis.  Our goal is to make medications and supplements taste and smell better, so we can help pet owners develop a stress free process that ensures pets are obtaining the medication and nutrition they need to live longer, healthier lives.

Brands: Artificial Powdered Beef Flavor; PC-0125 Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor; PC-0170 (Hypo-Allergenic) Natural Meat Powdered Flavor; PC-0050 Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor; PC-0330 Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor; PC-0060 (Hypo-Allergenic) Sweet Apple & Molasses Flavor; PC-0555


  • Artificial Powdered Beef Flavor; PC-0125
    Brown powder with very fine white particles and a roast beef and liver flavor and odor...

  • This product, Artificial Powdered Beef Flavor; PC-0125, is composed of human food grade ingredients, all of which are sourced within the United States of America.  This product contains no ingredients of bovine, ovine, and/or caprine origin.  This product is partially composed of animal materials of only porcine origin (swine or pigs) that are of USA origin.  All ingredients come from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspected and approved facilities within the United States of America.  The other materials that comprise the product are of vegetable origin – soybeans.