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Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. is the leading Japanese  manufacturer of bulk active pharmaceutical/dietary/cosmetics ingredients and their intermediates. We support US-FDA, EMA and PMDA quality regulations.  We produce commercial custom non-natural amino acids, cyclic peptides, long peptides (40 residues) and high potency peptides. We offer simple chemical catalysts and ligands to empower your asymmetric syntheses. Hamari has 3 manufacture sites and 2 research centers in Japan,  and one US research center. Hamari is a reliable and experienced Japanese API manufacturer!

Brands: PepZinGI™ is a science-based, US-FDA registered New Dietary Ingredient that promotes a healthy stomach lining. BenfoPure® is a health dietary ingredient with a clear GRAS regulatory status that promotes a healthy metabolism of excess sugar.


  • PepZinGI™ Active Ingredient
    PepZinGI™ is a science-based, registered New Dietary Ingredient that promotes a healthy stomach lining and environment, helps relieve occasional gastric discomfort, maintains a healthy gastrointestinal environment, and supports the health of gastric cell....

  • PepZinGI™ enhances stomach lining integrity, owing to its free-radical-quenching capability as well as its effects on growth factor and immunomodulating activities. PepZinGI™ dissociates in the stomach at a slow rate. This prolonged existence allows it to maintain its gastric healing effect over a longer period of time. Because of their fast diffusion rates, non-molecular combinations (admixtures) of L-Carnosine and Zinc are far less effective. The proprietary chelation process along with excellent scientific research make PepZinGI™ your best choice for supporting gastric health.

    PepZinGI™, a novel crystalline chemical complex consisting of L-carnosine and zinc, was first synthesized by Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. in 1983 aiming at combining the two physiologically important substances in one entirely new molecule. When zinc is complexed to L-carnosine, it dissociates in the stomach at a slower rate, thereby promoting a gastric healing effect over a longer period of time. The dipeptide L-carnosine is found mainly in the muscles of vertebrates and zinc is an essential trace element which plays an important role in the body.

  • BenfoPure® Active Ingredient
    BenfoPure® is a science-based active ingredient with a clear GRAS regulatory status, helps reduce the formation of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) thereby supporting healthy nerve function, healthy kidney function, and optimal cardiovascular health....

  • BenfoPure® (Benfotiamine) is an analogue of Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine. BenfoPure® is a lipid-soluble compound that is more readily available for nutritional use and is significantly more active than traditional forms of Thiamine. BenfoPure® assists the body in responding to the toxic breakdown compounds of excess sugar; reduces elevated levels of intracellular glucose and the potential for AGE (Advanced Glycation End-products) formation; and stimulates transketolase, an enzyme that helps convert the toxic compounds to harmless ones. BenfoPure®  is a novel, lipid-soluble analogue of Thiamine, unique in its enhanced availability for the body compared to traditional water-soluble forms of Thiamine.