Ideal Cures Pvt Ltd

Mumbai,  Maharashtra 
  • Booth: 637

Ideal Cures (IC) is one of India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical excipients and ready-to-use coating systems for solid oral dosage forms. IC provides tailor-made solutions and products for the pharmaceutical and allied industries, through a network of customers and partners across more than 40 countries around the world. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a US DMF for all its manufacturing facilities, IC has 11 granted patents and 8 pending grants for its film-coating products, specialised excipients and R&D coating machines. For a comprehensive, time-saving tablet coating experience Talk to Us! 

Brands: INSTACOATrange, INSTACOAT 4G, Ecopol, Ecocool, Espheres, InstaSpheres, Instamoistshield, Instanute, Instaglow, Instamask, Instaspray, Instamodel Blend


    INSTACOAT 4G is an aqueous film coating system that enhances efficiency, productivity and tablet appearance. High solids (35%) with low viscosity & high substrate adhesion allow for excellent process performance....

  • INSTACOAT™ 4G is a fully formulated high performance aqueous film coating system. It renders enhanced efficiency, productivity and tablet appearance. It significantly reduces suspension preparation and coating process times.  High solids capability (35% reconstitution) combined with low viscosity and high substrate adhesion provide a system with excellent process performance that can be used in all types of coating equipment. INSTACOAT 4G stands today as one of those rare coating formulations that can maximize the potential of continuous and batch coaters.  

    The development of this new product INSTACOAT 4G has shown to bring about:

    1. Reduction in Carbon Emissions compared to traditional coating systems
    2. Reduction in Coating process time 
    3. Reduction in energy consumption 
    4. Innate Moisture Barrier Property
    5. Improved Adhesion of film substrate

    INSTACOAT 4G bagged the award for "Excellence in R&D - Development of new product/ technology" at the India Pharma Awards 2017, Novemeber 2017. This award was received after 2 jury rounds.