Minsheng Group Shaoxing Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

Shaoxing,  Zhejiang 
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Minsheng Group Shaoxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.has completed the GMP quality control system.To date, 9 products have been approved by the United States FDA and one product have been approved by EU. In addition, further products are currently in the process of approval by the United States FDA and EU.More than 50% of the products are produced for export. The main co-corporate partners companies includes Merck, Abbvie, Sanofi-Aventis, Eisai , Fresenius Kabi, etc..

Brands: Pyrantel Pamoate,Morantel Citrate,Morantel Tartrate,Pyrantel Tartrate,Praziquantel,Atropine Sulfate,Homoharringtonine,Alanyl Glutamine,Fursultiamine,Fursultiamine Hydrochloride