DZD (Heze) Pharm

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DZD (Heze) Pharm is a manufacturer dedicated to API and pharmaceutical intermediates production with newly completed cGMP facilities in Shandong China. We are specialized in oncology API like Daunorubicin HCl, Doxorubicin HCl, Epirubicin HCl, Idarubicin HCl, Valrubicin, Pirarubicin, Epothilones, Ansamitocin P-3, Calicheamicin, other products include Sirolimus, Everolimus, Tacrolimus, Caspofungin, Anidulafungin, Micafungin intermediates, L-hydroxyproline, Glucosamine HCl, PQQ Disodium Salt and veterinary drugs: Moxidectin, Tulathromycin