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What Can JMatPro Do?

Stable and metastable phase equilibria:  Temperature stepping calculations, Concentration stepping calculations

Thermo-physical and physical properties:   specific heat, enthalpy, density, thermal expansion coefficient, linear expansion, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity/resistivity, liquid viscosity/diffusivity,  Poisson's ratio, Young's/bulk/shear moduli, Gamma/Gamma' mismatch  (whole temperature range, including the liquid phase/ properties provided for each phase)

Solidification calculation: Scheil-Gulliver solidification, Modified Scheil-Gulliver solidification to include fast C and N diffusion in steels, Thermo-physical and physical properties during solidification, Solid state transformation in cast irons

Mechanicalproperties: Proof stress, tensile stress and hardness, Inter-conversion between stress and hardness, stress-strain curves, creep and rupture life/strength 

Phase transformations:  TTT/CCT curves , Phase transformations and properties during continuous cooling and isothermal holding,  Gamma'/Gamma" coarsening in Ni alloys 

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